My Modern Nursery #35: Rich or Reasonable: Sweet Like Honey

I was inspired by Michael Miller’s cute Honey Bee line of fabrics and created these two nurseries with a few fabric selections as the starting point.  I would use the fabrics for draperies, the crib bedding and cushions for both rooms.  Which do you like best– the one that costs almost $9,000 or the one you can put together for about $3,300?



1- Michael Miller Fabrics- Honey Bee Collection (both)

2- Rift from Adrift Mobiles– $248 (high)
Nursery Mobile- Knitted Bees from bgordon2’s etsy shop- $89 (low)

3- Nurseryworks Aerial Crib Light Pine Ends– $1240 (high)
Litto Kids Lunar Crib– $950 (low)

4- Honeycomb Flexible Shelving System– $300 each- $1800 as shown (high)
Hive Storage from CB2- $80 as shown (low)

5- Honey Bee Farm from thePaintedSky’s etsy shop- $255 (high)
Hills 2 from QiQi Gallery- $69 (low)

6- Nurseryworks 2 Wide Dresser Changing Table– $1550 (high)
Litto Kids Lunar Dresser– $950 (low)

7- Sweet As Honey Rug from Anthropologie- $898 (high)
Dead End Rug from CB2- $300 (low)

8- Alphabet Yellow Linocut from thebigharumph’s etsy shop- $20 (both)

9- Caboche Floor Lamp by Foscarini– $2274 (high)
Tripod Floor Lamp from Target- $125 (low)

10- Nurseryworks Sleepytime Rocker– $700 (both)

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