New Addition: Not Rational Diaper Bags

You may think it’s “not rational” to spend over $500 on a diaper bag, but if you’re into expensive handbags and designer shoes, then one of these might be on your wish list this holiday season.  Not Rational diaper bags are fashionable bags, beautiful enough to buy even if you don’t have kids.  These leather bags can be your handbag long after the kids are out of diapers, which might make them a reasonable choice after all (for celebrities and fashionistas at least!).

There are three diaper bag styles, Kelly (top, from $660), Hansel (bottom left, from $595) and Gretel (bottom right, from $650).

I’ve just added Not Rational bags to my list of modern diaper bags. To see the full list, go to buymoderndiaperbags.

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