What’s New From Boon

One of the most popular booths at ABC Kids Expo 2010 was Boon Inc.  Once you got past the crowds, it was easy to see why everyone was eager to be there– and I’m not just talking about the orange shag carpet.  Their already incredible lineup of products will be expanding for 2011 and the new items are very exciting.  Here are just a few of my favorite new things:

Just one part of their feeding collection, you can securely attach your bowls to the table with the Wrap protective bowl cover.

The Animal Bag, used to store stuffed animals,  is now available in a smaller, more convenient size.

Boon has always been tops with their bath toys and accessories, and you can visit buymodernbathroom to see just how important they are in this area.  I was thrilled to find the little Creatures (bath toy cup set) and new bath appliques for playing in the tub.

The most talked about debut from boon was the Glo nightlight, with multi-colored lights and removable balls.  Boon claims it’s 95% effective at keeping monsters away all night long, so just add a few hugs and kisses and your kids are bound to sleep safe and sound.

Finally, I really love the Loop diaper caddy and wish I could have had one all these years.

Their very popular Frog pod and Bug pod will be joined by a Whale pod as well, and it’s cute!

Keep an eye out for all these new offerings for 2011.

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