New Addition: Eco Cradle from Green Lullaby

I am a little reluctant to add this to buymodernbassinets right now because the only online U.S. retailer who I can find that carries them is out of stock at the moment, but maybe if we bug them, Abe’s Market will get some more.  The Eco Cradle from Green Lullaby is a simple, elegant and green version of the often overlooked bassinet. Many families never need one, but if you think you might like a bassinet, this might be just the thing.  Inexpensive and recyclable, you won’t feel badly about purchasing one to use for just a few months.

One of my favorite things about it is that you can decorate the surface however you like– after all, it’s just made of corrugated cardboard.  The pieces slide together easily without any tools and the cradle can be taken apart just as easily and stored flat in a closet or under a bed.

There’s also a play version for baby dolls.

green lullaby doll cradle

Green Lullaby also has a cardboard dollhouse, table and chair set and adorable storage boxes.

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