New Addition: Mobiles from The Modern Baby Co.

Our newest addition to buymoderndecor‘s list of mobiles for your modern baby’s nursery is the collection from The Modern Baby Co.

The Modern Baby Company

There are three versatile designs to choose from: little lion, little butterfly and little whale (and I’ve heard that whales are the next big thing!).  The mobiles are made of laser cut birch wood and consist of three different sized shapes strung together with a clear thread.

Modern Baby Mobile Modern Baby Mobile little whale

Just take a look how sweet the butterfly mobile looks in the nursery of the Modern Baby Co.’s owner and check out more pictures of her gorgeous nursery on ohdeedoh.


New Addition: Diaper Bags from Timi & Leslie

I think diaper bags should be bags that you would carry around even without kids.  Keep your style, but be prepared with all the little things you have to carry around when you’re out and about with a baby.  The bags from timi and leslie fit the bill perfectly and I’ve added them to my list on buymoderndiaperbags.  These bags look like designer bags and totes, but they are filled with all the pockets and accessories you expect from a diaper bag.  Check out a few of their styles:

timi & leslie Convertible Charlie II Diaper Bagtimi & leslie Marie Antoinette II Diaper Bag

timi & leslie Aurelie Convertible Baby Bagtimi & leslie Hannah Diaper Bag

New Addition: Oliver Yaphe Rugs

One of the reasons I’d want a bigger house is to have more floor space to fill with fantastic rugs.  They are like artwork for your floor.  I spend a lot of time finding just the right rug for any given nursery design and I like to have lots of options.

Oliver Yaphe makes some simple, fun rugs with a special collection for kids and I’ve added his rugs to my list on buymoderndecor.  The kids collection rugs are available in two sizes: 5’x7′ for $980 and 6’x9′ for $1498.

Buttons Room View


Isn’t that room gorgeous!  The lovely little toddler bed is from nume.

Alphabet Soup


Family Tree


Stripes: Available in many different colors

If you’re looking for a blog with beautiful products to scroll thorough, check out the Oliver Yaphe Blog.

New Addition: Stingray Rocker

Since this rocker was featured in the Triplet’s Attic Nursery, I’d be remiss if I didn’t add it to buymodernbabyseats‘ list of rocking chairs for your nursery.

This stunning sculptural piece made a statement in that space as in would in any room.

The Stingray Rocker by Thomas Pedersen is a fantastic, almost futuristic version of a rocking chair.   Don’t try to squeeze this one into a tiny nursery.  You need a good amount of space to allow this chair to really stand out.  For $2900, this rocker will grace only the most posh baby’s room.

New Addition: Buy Modern Decor (A New Page!)

Today I finally a released buymoderndecor, a new page for buymodernbaby.  I’ve have this one in the works for a long time now, and I finally felt I had a good enough selection of products to begin sharing them with you!

Nursery decor is the place to get really creative. You can make things, use vintage pieces, display family heirlooms etc… As a reader of my blog you can see that I use etsy a lot to find lots of great room decor items, so if you’re not into DIY, you can at least find things there that are handmade by someone else. If you’re looking to purchase something new but aren’t into scouring through the etsy offerings, there are plenty of great products ready to go at your favorite modern baby stores and online retailers.

My picks for buymoderndecor fall into six categories: Lighting, Rugs, Wall Decals, Mobiles, Art and Pillows.  I have picked a few favorite stores, brands or products in each of these categories where you can begin to find products to add creativity and fun to your child’s space and finish off their nursery design.

Visit the new page to get information about the products pictured above and more.  If you have favorites you don’t see listed yet, please leave a comment and let me know what you think I should add.  This decor guide is far from complete but I need your help to make it better!

New Addition: Surfin Kids Sideboard Storage Unit

This little storage piece screams “toybox” to me, so it’s my latest addition to buymoderntoyboxes.

From ecotots, the Surfin Kids Sideboard Storage Unit is part footlocker, part bench, part sideboard and a perfect place to store frequently used toys– either in the nursery, the playroom, or even more grown-up areas of the house.  This unit retails for $450.

All the products from ecotots are 100% formaldehyde free and made with FSC certified birch plywood.  They use non-toxic water-based stains and require no tools to assemble. The products are available in four colors:

I’m a fan of their entire line although I would caution you not to use too many pieces together making the room too “matchy”.  Using two pieces (maybe three depending on which you choose) can look coordinated; more than three looks like a showroom.

Ecotots Art Time EaselEco-friendly Kid's Beach Locker - Surfin Kids Fire FinishEco-Friendly Big Kahuna Toodler Bookshelf - FireEcotots Hang Ten Coat RackEco-Friendly Infant Surf Board Growth Chart - Leaf

New Addition: BE Mini Cradle + Desk

I’ve been sitting on this one trying to find out more about it before I shared it with you but I just can’t find any more information so here’s what I’ve got…

The BE Mini Cradle, from the brand BE, is one of the most simple (which somehow also translates to expensive!), portable, and lightweight bassinets on buymodernbassinets.  The bonus feature on the BE cradle is that once you are no longer using it as a bassinet, you can flip it over and use it as a child sized desk.  BE products are made in Spain and the only place I can find to purchase them stateside is Spunky Sprout.  You can order it there in white, orange or blue for $850.

I will be adding the other products in the collection to buymodernbaby soon.  They are all fantastic, unique pieces with a fresh, clean look and feel.

Storage pieces include the BE Block Cupboard and the BE Box Chest of Drawers.  They also have a simple crib which is so European and transforms into a child’s desk.

New Addition: Eames House Blocks from House Industries

I admit I got a little giddy when I saw these (thanks babyology and daddytypes!).  My head started swimming thinking of tots that must get these blocks as gifts and the parents who would think I’m the coolest for buying them.  Then I started wondering what kind of excuse I could come up with for needing a set of these sweet blocks for myself.eames blocks 1 Eames House Blocks   designer blocks for tiny tots

From House Industries, this toy version of Case Study No. 8 house will set you back $150 but they are as much a work of art as they are a plaything.
The set has 36 blocks (20 that make up the house and 16 that become the studio.  And now I will wipe up the drool and assure myself that my kids can enjoy their childhood without these particular playthings… or can they?

In the meantime, these have been added to buymoderntoys where hipsters and other cool, modern parents can choose these for their children’s well curated collection of toys.

While we’re talking about House Industries, let me recommend a few other toy/gift ideas:

Alexander Girard Memory Game for $320:Alexander Girard Memory Game by House Industries, Alexander Girard, eco-friendly games, sustainable wood toys, wooden games

Alexander Girard Puzzle for $250:

Alexander Girard Alphabet Blocks for $120:

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