Earth Day Giveaway from Kids Konserve!

Between Passover and Easter, Earth Day doesn’t quite seem to be getting the coverage it deserves, but we’re going to turn your attention to caring for the planet with this week’s wonderful giveaway from Kids Konserve.

Earth Day is a great time to remember to reduce, reuse and recycle, and Kids Konserve products are all about reusing.  One simple change you can make this Earth Day to reduce your waste and teach your kids the value of reusing is to get rid of the plastic lunch baggies and the brown paper bags for good.

With their Lunch Kits, Snak Paks, bottles, bags and food containers, Kids Konserve has everything you need to kick your disposable habits.  Waste free lunch kits (and the other Kids Konserve products) are non-toxic, non-leaching, BPA, PVC, Phthalate and lead-free!  We’re happy to have recently added some wonderful Kids Konserve products to our feeding guide!

To help celebrate Earth Day and spread the word about your reusable lunch options, Kids Konserve is offering 20% off your purchase at through the end of April using the coupon code “reuse2011” and will be giving away a Lunch Kit (shown above) to one lucky buymodernbaby reader!

This kit is a $45 value and includes a recycled cotton sack, cloth napkin, stainless steel beverage bottle, food kozy and two stainless steel food containers.  My 5 year old starts Kindergarden in the fall and I hope to get a couple of these kits myself so that I never have to buy another one of those plastic baggies again!

To enter and have a chance to win the Kids Konserve Lunch Kit:

Leave a comment with a lunch idea that would fit in the kit.  Make sure to include 4 items: drink, two sides and a “main course.” We will delete any entries that don’t include a lunch idea.

Be sure to enter your email address when you comment so that we can contact you if you are the winner.

The deadline to leave your comment and enter the giveaway is next Friday, April 22nd, Earth Day at 8 am.

The winner will be chosen randomly from among the unique entrants (just one entry per person).  I’ll be posting the winner on my Facebook page first, so look out and like me over there.  The giveaway is open to US residents only.  Good luck and tell your friends!

Update on Argington’s Bam Bam Crib

I’ve been waiting for this product release since ABC Kids last October. I spotted the Bam Bam Crib and they didn’t have to do much talking to sell me on this one.

locking casters crib

For $449, the complete Bam Bam set transforms from bassinet to crib to toddler bed. It’s an incredible value for a highly adaptable product. It is going to be sold in Ebony, White and GRAY!!!  I imagine that not everyone is going to be sold on the locking casters, but for some households, this will be just the answer.

Argington Organic Bam Bam Crib Complete EbonyArgington Organic Bam Bam Crib Complete White

You can pre-order your Bam Bam Crib today from our amazon affiliate. The set will be released on May 30, 2011.

New Addition: Eames Molded Plastic Armchair with Rocker Base

This isn’t news to anyone, but an Eames Rocker is a beautiful choice for a modern nursery.  I’ve been delinquent in adding it to my list of rocking chairs but I took care of it today.  Unlike the fiberglass originals, today’s Eames molded chairs are made of 100% recyclable polypropylene (not that I’m sure why you’d ever be throwing it into a recycling bin).  For $480, this is the most inexpensive rocker on the list, although that does tell me I need to do some work and find more budget friendly rocking chair options!

These come in a variety of neutral and bright colors.

If plastic doesn’t quite do it for you and you want to purchase a new fiberglass shell chair, they are currently being manufactured by Modernica so you can take a look at those as well.  Those cost about $375 when purchased new.

There are plenty of places to score knock-off chairs like these for as little as $125 if you’re just going for the look.

If you’re comfortable with the feel of the chair, you know you can’t go wrong with the design.

But you don’t have to take MY word for it!  To see examples of a these rockers used in different nurseries, take a look at my flickr gallery.

New Addition: Portico and Hathaway Gliders from Crate & Barrel

My most recent nursery seating discovery is from one of my personal go-to stores for furniture– Crate & Barrel.  If it’s at Crate & Barrel, it’s probably got that simple, casual, comfortable, modern style that I like to think is my own.  These two gliders fit that description perfectly.

The Hathaway Swivel Glider comes stock in Sand (shown) or can be ordered in 14 other colors for $999 (now on sale for $850).

The Portico Swivel Glider comes stock in this beautiful spruce shade and looks exquisitely comfy.  It comes in eight additional colors and also retails for $999 (now on sale for $850).

It’s wonderful when you can purchase nursery furniture that isn’t specifically designed for a nursery.  These types of pieces can have a much longer lifespan in your home.  I could see one of these in a comfy corner of my own bedroom.

These two chairs are my latest additions to buymodernbabyseats– where you can find my complete list of great gliders for your nursery.  There’s also a great gilder discussion going on at my Gus* Sparrow Glider post.

New Addition: Pop & Lolli Wall Decals

I had never head of Pop & Lolli until I was submitting my Cribsies vote and saw something new in the “Cutest Nursery Wall Decals” category.  As soon as I saw their unique and imaginative designs, I knew I had to hurry and add them to the Wall Decals list on buymoderndecor.

Pop & Lolli features oversized removable fabric wall stickers that are made in the US.  Take a look at some of their creations…

As you can see, these are not your typical wall decals.  This “picture poetry” is meant to make your kids explore and be inspired.

New Addition: Caravan Dresser

Kalon Studio has released a dresser to go with the beautiful Caravan Crib.  The Caravan Dresser retails for $1395 and is the newest addition to buymoderndressers.

Both the crib and the dresser are available in white, red (shown), yellow, green, blue and black. I wish there was one that was all wood without the painted color portion.

Thanks to minor details for the heads-up on this one.

New Addition: P Pod Convertible Crib

The p. pod 5 in 1 convertible crib is my newest addition to buymoderncribs (a comprehensive list of modern cribs available in North America today).

For $1190, the p. pod “Full Kit & Kaboodle” goes from crib to toddler bed to daybed to desk/playtable.  The crib is made in the US exclusively from Baltic Birch and is designed to assemble without any hardware.

If you don’t need all the various forms, you can get just the crib for $940 and add on any of the conversion kits as needed.

Gro Furniture will also soon be releasing a new bamboo version of the p. pod called the bam b.  Keep your eyes peeled for that beauty.

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