2 Oct 2014, 10:38am
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Etsy Find: Nightlights from Obsessivision

Beautiful modern night lights are hard to find, but Obsessivision nailed it with these white on white felt on linen night light lamps.

The Felted Friends Night Lights come in three designs– Flying Birds, Under the Sea and Jungle Safari.

Obsessisision White night light flying bird theme

Obsessisision White night light ocean under the sea

Obsessisision White night light Ocean jungle safari

Choose your favorite.  $98 each

3 Sep 2014, 11:33am
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Door Decals from Made of Sundays

Dress up your plain doors with the ultimate in cuteness.  From Made of Sundays, the vinyl decals are among the most adorable things ever.  The simple inexpensive designs make a huge impact on an otherwise boring surface.

Haru the Happy Bear

Haru the Happy Bear from Made of Sundays

Simon the Sunny Dog

Simon the Sunny Dog Door Decal from Made of Sundays

Peppi the Pretty Panda

Door Decals from Made of Sundays « Peppi the Pretty Panda

Sisi the Smug Cat

Sisi the Smug Cat Door Decal from Made of Sundays

Frida the Friendly Door

Frida the Friendly Door Decal from Made of Sundays

Visit the shop for other cute wall decals.

9 Jul 2014, 9:55pm
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Etsy Find: Animal ABCs from Jen Oaks Illustration

We’ve done alphabets, and we’ve done animal alphabets, but I’m really enjoying Jen Oaks‘ specific take on the animal alphabet.

My favorite is Oklahoma Animals.  I love this collection of creatures and the wonderful colors.


The Earth’s Animals version is another great print the absolutely a great piece if you like purple and green.


Visit Jen Oaks Illustration on etsy for more.

30 Jun 2014, 11:03am
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Etsy Find: Art Prints from Obsessivision

Sometimes “minimalist” posters take things too far, and other times the don’t go far enough.  This series of minimalist art prints from Obsessivision have it just right and in a beautiful soft palette of colors.

Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland minimalist print from Obsessivision

Dr. Seuss
Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat minimalist print from Obsessivision

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins print from Obsessivision

Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse minimalist print from Obsessivision

Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh Minimalist Print from Obsessivision

The Red Balloon (my favorite)
Le Ballon Rouge The Red Balloon Minimalist Retro Print from Obsessivision

There’s more great stuff in the Obsessivision shop, so take a minute to check it out.  Like this nightlight for example!
woodland felt nightlight white from Obsessivision

We featured Amber’s (the artist and designer behind Obsessivision) nursery nook last spring, so be sure to visit that as well.

11 Jun 2014, 9:02pm
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Etsy Find: Photo Printed Pillows from In the Seam

The photo printed pillows from In the Seam are a lot of fun.  Themes include NYC, animals, camera, flowers and more.


This summer you can get 15% off your In the Seam order using the code SUMMER2014 at checkout.

30 May 2014, 3:24pm
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Etsy Find: Plywood Bunting Banners from Botanika Studio

Looking for a banner but want something more permanent than paper and more substantial than fabric?  These sweet custom name banners from Botanika Studio in Poland are the perfect personalized decor for your nursery.

Distressed Name Garland

Name Banner with Hot Air Balloons

Custom Name Banner

These range from $20 to $29 depending on style and name length, plus $7 for shipping to the US.

Cardboard Safari Taking it to Another Level

We’ve seen faux taxidermy for years now, and while Cardboard Safari has been a fixture in the trend, now they’re taking it to the next level!

These printed trophy heads are going to change the way you think about mounted animal heads… again.

Fred (the moose), Eyan (the elephant), and Bucky (the buck) come in Drip, Pop and Grid, paying homage to Pollock, Lichtenstein and Mondrian. $40 each

Printed Heads from Cardboard Safari

Check out Merlin the unicorn as well.

Etsy Find: Nursery Mobiles from Moran Alhalel

My kids are all about origami these days so these fabric origami crib mobiles from Moran Alhalel really caught my attention.

Origami Crane Mobile- $66


Origami Fabric Boat Mobile- $66

Children Mobile Eco-Friendly Toy / Room Decor / Origami fabric Boat / Geometric Red Blue Green Children Mobile

Origami Star Mobile- $64

Oriagmi Star Mobile - Fabric Star Mobile for Baby Nursery in Blue and white, Baby Shower Gift, home Decor

White Butterflies Baby Mobile- $64

White butterflies baby mobile,Fabric Origami Butterfly,Nursery decoration,Baby crib mobile

These light and lovely designs come directly to you from Tel Aviv.  They are fresh and airy and miles ahead of paper mobiles.

9 Apr 2014, 11:30am
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Etsy Finds: Handmade Bassinets

While we may dream of handcrafting our baby’s first furniture and imagine it being passed down through the generations, this just isn’t reality for all but a few creative individuals.  Fortunately, those with the time and ability can sometimes be found sharing their skills with us on Etsy.  Every so often I scan the site to see if the woodworkers and furniture makers have created anything for their littlest customers.  This time I’ve found two handmade walnut bassinets worthy of the most fortunate babies as well as their babies and their babies’ babies.

From Fine Woodworking of SC, this beautiful hand-sculpted curved walnut cradle will someday be in a museum.  Until then (for $6000), it can be yours.  You can admire your precious creation sleeping in this precious creation– at least for a couple months until they outgrow it.

Heirloom, Hand Sculpted Walnut Cradle FineWoodworkingofSC

A little more realistic is The Sleeper Walnut Bassinet from rydenDESIGN.  Pull this beautiful bed into your master bedroom and you’ll always want to have a little one to occupy it.  $800

The SLEEPER - Walnut Bassinet rydenDESIGN

This bassinet from Turner and Branch is made to order and can be customized with your selection of woods.  The one shown below is Walnut and Ash.  $395

Handcrafted Bassinet, made with 100% American harvested Ash and Walnut. turnerandbranch

Which would you choose?  What about if price were no object?

Two Handmade Co-Sleepers

The co-sleepers currently on the market are not the most beautiful bedroom accessories.  I KNOW (based on my blog stats) that you all are looking for a better options.  Unfortunately, there are some serious safety issues to consider when it comes to baby sleep arrangements (remember drop-side cribs?) so manufacturers tread very carefully when considering and developing products that support co-sleeping arrangements.

If you search the web, you can find numerous creative individuals have designed lovely co-sleepers for use by their own families, but for those of us who don’t have a wood shop or don’t even have the first clue how to approach a project like that, there are a couple etsy sellers who are sharing their skills and creations.  Would one of these fit your bedroom decor?

From Old New House, the Little Mod Co-Sleeper Wooden Baby Bed ($550)


From Rosette Custom Furniture, the Cherry Sidecar Co-Sleeper Baby Bed Attachment ($319)


The big question is, would you be comfortable using one of these handmade creations?

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