9 Apr 2014, 11:30am
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Etsy Finds: Handmade Bassinets

While we may dream of handcrafting our baby’s first furniture and imagine it being passed down through the generations, this just isn’t reality for all but a few creative individuals.  Fortunately, those with the time and ability can sometimes be found sharing their skills with us on Etsy.  Every so often I scan the site to see if the woodworkers and furniture makers have created anything for their littlest customers.  This time I’ve found two handmade walnut bassinets worthy of the most fortunate babies as well as their babies and their babies’ babies.

From Fine Woodworking of SC, this beautiful hand-sculpted curved walnut cradle will someday be in a museum.  Until then (for $6000), it can be yours.  You can admire your precious creation sleeping in this precious creation– at least for a couple months until they outgrow it.

Heirloom, Hand Sculpted Walnut Cradle FineWoodworkingofSC

A little more realistic is The Sleeper Walnut Bassinet from rydenDESIGN.  Pull this beautiful bed into your master bedroom and you’ll always want to have a little one to occupy it.  $800

The SLEEPER - Walnut Bassinet rydenDESIGN

This bassinet from Turner and Branch is made to order and can be customized with your selection of woods.  The one shown below is Walnut and Ash.  $395

Handcrafted Bassinet, made with 100% American harvested Ash and Walnut. turnerandbranch

Which would you choose?  What about if price were no object?

Two Handmade Co-Sleepers

The co-sleepers currently on the market are not the most beautiful bedroom accessories.  I KNOW (based on my blog stats) that you all are looking for a better options.  Unfortunately, there are some serious safety issues to consider when it comes to baby sleep arrangements (remember drop-side cribs?) so manufacturers tread very carefully when considering and developing products that support co-sleeping arrangements.

If you search the web, you can find numerous creative individuals have designed lovely co-sleepers for use by their own families, but for those of us who don’t have a wood shop or don’t even have the first clue how to approach a project like that, there are a couple etsy sellers who are sharing their skills and creations.  Would one of these fit your bedroom decor?

From Old New House, the Little Mod Co-Sleeper Wooden Baby Bed ($550)


From Rosette Custom Furniture, the Cherry Sidecar Co-Sleeper Baby Bed Attachment ($319)


The big question is, would you be comfortable using one of these handmade creations?

13 Mar 2014, 10:53pm
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Rascally Rabbits

I’ve been working on our annual Easter basket post, but here’s a preview on the etsy rabbits I’ve been “collecting” on one of my etsy pages.

Do you have any other favorites that you think should make the cut?

5 Mar 2014, 10:54am
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Etsy Finds: Hey There Little Red Riding Hood

There was a time when my grandmother would tell my sister and I the story of Little Red Riding Hood every night. We made story time more varied by asking her to change the color of the hood, but I admit red is my favorite anyway.

Little Red Riding Hood

Limited Edition Red Riding Hood Triptych by Amy Sullivan- $50+
The Big Bad Wolf Stuffed Toy from Blita- $45
Plush Small Stuffed Bird from Time Handmade- $32
Scandinavian Red Riding Hood Cushion Cover by Gunna Ydri
Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf from Meu Adorável Iglu- $35
Set of Four Little Red Riding Hood Mini Pillows from titiluli- $40

3 Mar 2014, 9:52pm
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Screen Prints from KLTworks

Aren’t these screen prints from KLTworks sweet?!  I’m a big fan of Kristin’s thread drawings, so these colored serigraphs of her original animal images are a wonderful addition to her etsy shop.  Of the Penguin, Raccoon, Deer, Swan, Rooster and Blue Footed Booby Bird, which is your favorite?  Or would you prefer the whole collection?


Each of the above prints retails for $30.

I’m also scanning my walls to find a home for this Heron Serigraph.  They’re equally at home in Kristin’s Pacific Northwest as they are around us here in Florida!

Heron Serigraph Limited Edition KLTworks screenprint

This limited edition print retails for $60 and there’s also a version with two birds.

14 Feb 2014, 7:59am
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Te Amo: Feliz día de San Valentín

Because you love them every day just as much as you do today…


Te Amo Print from Trendy Peas- $39

30 Jan 2014, 9:40pm
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Alphabet Art 2014

There’s an alphabet that’s perfect for any nursery space.  Here’s my latest handpicked collection of alphabet art prints and posters.

I love the colors and illustrations on this Rubber Stamp Alphabet Print from Lisa DeJohn.

Rubber Stamp Alphabet from lisa de john

Science and space buffs will go crazy for the Space Alphabet Poster from Fifty Five Hi’s.

Space Alphabet Poster from 55his

It’s a little more cartoony, but this English Alphabet Poster from Pukaca comes in a few nice color combinations.

English Alphabet Poster with animals from pukaca

With more neutral colors, this Animal Alphabet Print from Wetpaint Art is full of the most creative illustrations.

Animal Alphabet Print from Wetpaint Art

And if you want something minimal and with graphics only, this poster from Confettie Love might be just the thing.

Alphabet art midcentury modern from confettie love

Is an alphabet print part of your nursery design?

New from Gingiber for 2014

Gingiber just debuted her new 2014 collection.  These colorful barnyard animals are my favorites.

gingiber new prints

The Pig, Rooster, Chicken and Cow are available in 8″ x 10″ and 11″ x 14″ sizes for $23 and $40 respectively.

Monkey and Tiger prints have also been added to Gingiber’s shop as well as this cuddly Hedgehog Pillow ($32).

Gingiber hedgehog pillow

I look forward to see what else is in store for Gingiber in 2014!

31 Dec 2013, 8:16am
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Happy New Year and All the Best in 2014

Thanks for a great 2013!  Hope you’ve enjoyed our content as much as we’ve loved creating and curating it for you.

Happy New Years 2014
Snowflake Printable Art, New Year Sparkle Tissue Tassel Garland, Pixie Black/Brass Wooden Toy Camera, Gold Foil Print 2014 is Mine to Shine

Now, time to celebrate and welcome a bigger and better 2014!  Love to you all.

25 Dec 2013, 6:07am
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Have A Beautiful Holiday Today

Merry Christmas Printable Card

Hope everyone is having a wonderful, warm day today whether you celebrate or not.

Merry Christmas Printable Card from 10 ante meridiem- $4

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