Pink Lining Changing Bags

It’s hard to find more charming and iconic diaper bags than the line of changing bags from Pink Lining. Famous for their Yummy Mummy bag, Pink Lining has been known in the UK for years and has recently spread their reach to the US. The company was founded by a wife and husband team, Charlotte and Rufus Pearl. Here is the story behind the Pink Lining bag collection:

Pink Lining offers seven different styles of changing bags, ensuring you will find the right fit for you and your growing family. Each bag is detailed on the website with a full video review– a must-have for me when deciding which pocket configuration is most useful to your lifestyle. I love being able to have a sneak peek at the bottle holders, pockets, enclosed wet bag, and more, all highlighted by the beautiful pink lining.

1- The Yummy Mummy Bag is their classic design with a sweet cupcake applique on the front pocket and patterned with bows, apple trees, or blue bouquets.
2- The Mama et Bebe Bag features double exterior pockets with a vintage pram design, also patterned with bows, apple trees, or blue bouquets.
3-The Blooming Gorgeous Tote is one of the most popular styles, modeled after the shape of a vintage bowling ball bag, also in the bows, apple trees, or blue bouquet patterns.

4- The Mini Yummy Mummy Bag is perfect for older babies, on-the-go activities, or just as an extra bag for additional essentials.
5- The Poppins Bag is also offered in more patterns (my favorite is the Thistle and Dragonfly print) and is a bit deeper than the other bags.
6- The Queensdale Tote is a more spacious bag and is offered with seven color options. The sides clip together, allowing to cinch the bag, or widen it when you’re packing more. This looks to be a great bag for traveling to the beach, taking along on road trips, or using as a daycare or school bag.
7- The Twins Bag is offered in the three signature patterns, and is perfect for moms of multiples or for several children, offering four interior bottle pockets. Impressive!

In addition to the beautiful line-up of seven diaper bags, Pink Lining also carries an accessories line featuring Wallets, Mum On The Run Bags, and Bottle Holders.

You can find Pink Lining changing bags in store at several shops in California, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, and Texas. They are also available for order online through a number of US retailers.

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