Keepin’ Em Busy in the Car!

So today was the last day of school and I’m facing three months of summer with both excitement and trepidation. Travel is definitely part of the excitement of vacation and you can face it with less trepidation if you’ve got great travel activities to keep the kids busy.

Road Trip

I really recommend the great travel games from Melissa and Doug. With the pieces firmly attached to the board, you can have all the fun without the tragedy of pieces spilling out of reach on the floor. I seriously have the USA License Plate Game
and Hangman in the car with me at all times, but next I would add Travel Bingo and the Travel Memory Game. Bring these out as needed (or when the ipad battery dies)!

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Baby Bibs from Make My Day

BPA free silicone bibs with a pocket AND they’re super cute… check, check, and check! Make My Day makes some of the cutest dishwasher safe bibs.  These make amazing baby shower or first birthday gifts. Here are a few of my favorites…


Pearls bib

Lookin Dapper

tux bi b

Little Genius

bow tie bib

and coming June 15th, keep an eye out for Round-Em-Up

sheriff bib

On Fire

fireman bib

and more!

2 Jun 2015, 9:45am
just for fun
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Buy Modern Baby Resources

I like to think we provide plenty of nursery and kids decor inspiration every week, but if you’re looking for specific items to design or accessorize your child’s space right now, we REALLY have you covered. One of my goals here all along has been to save you from the hours, days, weeks, months, etc… of web searching that it may take you to find that perfect crib sheet, pillow, clock, crib or mobile that really makes you say, “wow!” So here are some ideas how to browse all my discoveries and help you find what you’re looking for today!

First, see that nifty search box at the top of the page? I use that ALL THE TIME to go back and find things. With over 5 years of content, it’s a fast way to find specific items. Don’t forget to use quotation marks in your search if you need to narrow things down more.


Next, if you’re looking at a post and want to find more similar or related items, click on related tags to pull up other posts.


The Linkwithin plug in also helps find posts that “You might also like” and you can find those at the bottom of every post on the blog.

Beyond the blog, our Pinterest boards have great collections of items and inspiration for you to browse. Follow us or just select the boards you’re really interested in.


I’m also really proud of my etsy page where I’ve been able to curate some beautiful boards full of amazing items that I highly recommend considering.

Last but not least, the original buymodernbaby product guide is still a great place to start, especially for furniture basics. I’ll be working more on updating this through the summer to make sure I’ve removed what’s gone out of business and added my latest finds, but you’ll find links to all the great brands you’ll need to get started with assembling your perfect modern nursery.
Which resources have you found the most useful (or that could be more useful)?

28 May 2015, 8:35pm
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My Modern Nursery #98: Ballerina Pink Sponsored by Lullaby Paints

This month on Facebook, I took an informal poll asking you which rug to choose to go with our color of the month, Ballerina Pink. I often like to use a rug as the color palette for a space (including in my own home), so rug choice was really going to influence the feel of the space.

Help me decide… which rug would you choose?

Posted by Buy Modern Baby on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Well, the results were a TIE, with half of you preferring the “Soft and Muted” option, and half preferring “Bold and Bright”. As a result, I took it both ways for you! First, the one I prefer is “Bold and Bright”. I like how the pink walls aren’t what stands out in the space.


1- Birds of a Feather 1 by Kristen Smith- 11″x11″ framed- $68
Birds of a Feather 2 by Kristen Smith- 11″x11″ framed- $68
Birds of a Feather 3 by Kristen Smith- 11″x11″ framed- $68
2- Bird Cage Shape C LED Pendant Light- $825
3- Ballerina Pink from Lullaby Paints for Project Nursery- $59 a gallon
4- Stokke Home Dresser- $530
5- Dreamcatcher with two wooden feathers from JB plus DG- $120
6- Stokke Home Crib- $700
Pink, Yellow + White Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Kit- $18
7- Babyletto Trapeze Glider- $500
8- Pink Herringbone Woven Hamper- $90
9- Mirabelle Rug, Pink- 8′ x 11′- $2050
10- Flavia Flamingo- $24
Knitted Yellow Pouf- $80

Then so many of you really liked the Shapes Dhurrie Rug, so while I kept all the bones the same, the different colors of the accessories make the design completely different.


I’ve highlighted the items that have changed from the top plan.

1- Birds of a Feather 1 by Kristen Smith- 11″x11″ framed- $68 (different color)
Birds of a Feather 2 by Kristen Smith- 11″x11″ framed- $68 (different color)
Birds of a Feather 3 by Kristen Smith- 11″x11″ framed- $68 (different color)
2- Parison Pendant Light- $1450
3- Ballerina Pink from Lullaby Paints for Project Nursery- $59 a gallon
4- Stokke Home Dresser- $530
5- Dreamcatcher with two wooden feathers from JB plus DG- $120
6- Stokke Home Crib- $700
Tassel Garland from Sofies’s Big Day- $21+
7- Babyletto Trapeze Glider- $500
8- La Jolla Basket- $128
9- Shapes Dhurrie Rug- 4′ x 6′- $300
10- Flavia Flamingo- $24
Moroccan Leather Pouf- $450

So now that they’re done, which is your favorite?

Thanks to Lullaby Paints for sponsoring our nursery board series. Safe for baby and the environment, Lullaby Paints are the perfect choice for your modern nursery. For more nursery color inspiration, follow Lullaby Paints on Pinterest.

Some affiliate links included.

New to the Zoo: Unicorn and Cow from Skip Hop

It’s always a fun day when Skip Hop ushers new characters into their Zoo! This time they’re welcoming Unicorn and Cow!

Skip Hop Unicorn and Cow

The Unicorn and Cow come as a Zoo Pack, Lunchie, Tableware Set, Bib and Straw Bottle.

Zoo Tableware Unicorn Skip Hop

At least I’ve got new nieces and/or nephews coming who may end up with one of these!

Skip Hop

Mod Mom Toy Boxes for Sunshine on a Ranney Day

During the month of June, Mod Mom Furniture is building limited edition custom toy boxes with a portion of the proceeds going to SOARD to help kids suffering with long-term illness. Each box is hand signed by Kiersten and on sale for a limited time. If you ever considered addition a Mod Mom Toy Box to your home, now is the best time.


The Charly Toy Box and Book Cubby is a new design. Choose your color and the box can be personalized as well. The Charley Box, and the Owyn and Maude styles, are currently being offered for the special price of $400.


Help them reach their goal of selling at least 50 toy boxes before the end of June and helping Sunshine on a Ranney Day brighten the lives of deserving children and their families.

20 May 2015, 8:41pm

Nursery Nook Number 1

Do full nursery boards overwhelm you? Don’t have a separate room that can be entirely devoted to baby? Or are you really practical and don’t want to devote a lot of space and money on an elaborate nursery plan? I hear you, I feel you and I’ve got you covered. I call it the “nursery nook.” This can be a bedroom shared with a sibling, a corner of mom and dad’s room, half the home office or even a well-ventilated closet.

The nursery nook should cover three main functions– sleeping, sitting (snuggling/reading/feeding), and changing– but you need to do it with at most 2 pieces of furniture. Tricky? Only a tiny bit. So here’s how you might handle these three functions… Sleep in a crib, sit propped up in bed and use a small changing table. Or you could use a compact crib, sit in a rocker and change baby on a blanket on the floor. You may like co-sleeping, change baby on a dresser top and add a comfy glider to the room. See how this work?

For our first sample nursery nook (I imagine this one is incorporated into a master or guest bedroom), we used a full sized crib, a small rocker and you can change baby on a blanket or towel on the floor or bed.  As you can see, using just a pair of key pieces and a handful of accessories (starting with two that we’ve already blogged about this week), your nursery nook can be picture perfect in no time.

Mini Nursery 1

Crib- Gelato by Babyletto- $400
Crib Sheet- Hush Little Baby from Iviebaby- $65
Pillows- Luxury Alpaca Pillows from Juniper Wilde- $78 each
Mobile- Turquoise Ombre Dream Catcher from Ordinary Mommy- $45
Art- Pecking from Cincuentas- $21
Rocker- (Eames knockoff to save $) Homelegance Cradle Rocking Chair- $103 (or splurge and get the real thing)

Luxury Alpaca Pillows from Juniper Wilde

Juniper Wilde is debuting new knitted cushions. Featuring luxurious alpaca yarns these amazing pillows are a great addition to her already lovely product line.

Luxury Alpaca Pillows from Juniper Wilde

$78 each, these are now available. Throw these in the crib with yesterday’s sheet selection and you’ve got a picture perfect nursery in the bag.

18 May 2015, 10:24am
etsy find:

Crib Sheet Favorite from Iviebaby

It’s no secret that we’re fans of anything Elizabeth puts out from Iviebaby. You really can’t go wrong with her patterns and colors, but if you’re looking to make a statement with you crib sheet (literally), check out the “Hush Little Baby” crib sheet. $65

Hush Little Baby Crib Sheet from Iviebaby

For more Iviebaby, just visit the etsy shop.

Some affiliate links included.

Baby Jives Dreamers

Known far and wide for the most magical mobiles, Baby Jives is introducing new Dreamers wall hangings / modern dream catchers. There are three versions of the Baby Jives Dreamer…

Modern Dreamer- $80

Modern Dreamer

Modern Minimal Circle Dreamer- $100


Modern Circle Dreamer- $125


You can pick your feather colors and choose gold or silver for any of the Dreamers.

Watch out Jahje, I may have to order one of these custom for our new house!

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