Stylish and Special New Strollers (and Car Seats) at ABC Kids Expo 2015

The number and variety of stroller brands, models and features presented on the floor of the ABC Kids Expo is always overwhelming, but there are so many new things that you’re going to love in the world of modern strollers for 2015 and 2016.

I was surprised when I saw OXO had come out with a stroller, but the parents at OXO strive to solve the most annoying parenting problems, so I knew this was worth taking a look at.

OXO Cubby

I liked how even folded and standing up vertically, the handle doesn’t touch the ground, and true to its name, the Cubby has plenty of nifty pockets that make it almost like a diaper bag on wheels. There are two versions of this stroller– the Cubby ($300) and Cubby Plus ($400). Coming in 2016.

OXO Cubby

I was really excited to see this colorful booth on the show floor. Did you know that you can find Cosatto strollers in the US now? You can find the Supa Stroller in lots of colorful patterns like Hipstar and my favorite– Flamingo Fling!

Colorful Cosatto Strollers

Colorful Cosatto Strollers

There was lots of excitement at Quinny, and it wasn’t just about the fancy new jogging stroller (coming next spring).

Quinny Jogger

Quinny and Maxi-Cosi are making strides to have the most fashionable strollers and car seats, and their latest collaboration is with the fashionable Rachel Zoe. Her collection will include a Quinny Moodd as well as Pria 85 and Mico Max 30 car seats.

Quinny Rachel Zoe Collection   Maxi Cosi Rachel Zoe Car Seat

The Watercolor Maxi-Cosi should be available to accompany you on winter travel to tropical destinations.

Maxi Cosi Blue Car SeatQuinny Car Seat

For something a little more subtle, but extremely elegant, consider the Sweater Knit collection. This collection should ship any day now to keep your baby looking cozy this fall.

Maxi Cosi Car SeatsDSC_0111

Quinny’s Bold Block Moodd and Buzz with matching Maxi-Cosi car seats are fantastically fashion forward and come in this bold red combo or a more tonal cream and gray .

Quinny Stroller

If you still haven’t found the special edition beauty you love, how about Star by Edward van Vliet? No excuse for plain boring strollers any more!

DSC_0113DSC_0114  DSC_0115

There’s nothing boring about Clek‘s new Tokidoki space pattern…

Clek Tokidoshi Space

… but if that’s too much, the Capri blue color is a beautiful new shade.

Clek New Blue

Also worthy of mention is their seat protector accessory. Might as well get the Clek one when you buy your seat.

Clek Seat Protector

Even Mountain Buggy is embracing the fashion stroller trend and introduced the Cosmopolitan Luxury Geo Stroller.


Mamas & Papas always has beautiful strollers but this year they really outdid themselves. The Rose gold frame on the Urbo2 looks really luxurious.

IMG_0054 DSC_0147

The new Donna Wilson bear print is ridiculously cute.


And finally, the peacock feather pattern of the new Liberty collaboration is one of the most stunning things you’ve ever seen on a stroller.


If you’re unlucky enough not to need another stroller, at least grab the diaper bag!


Stokke’s strollers are keeping up with the fun fashion trends and there are more combinations and colors to choose from than ever.

DSC_0155DSC_0158 DSC_0153

One of the most talked about strollers in Vegas this year was the Entourage stroller from Austlen Baby Co. The winner of the 2015 Best In Show in the JPMA Innovation Awards, this revolutionary stroller has all the storage you could ever want from a stroller and is super versatile with over 30 different configurations.


It’s a single stroller, a double, a twin, a travel, a shopping cart… you really need to take a look at this thing.


Another attention getting new (to the US at least) brand is Greentom. These strollers are very lightweight and made of recycled plastic!


Finally, I really enjoyed getting to learn about gb child and learning about their diverse lines of strollers, car seats and travel systems.

DSC_0182 DSC_0184 DSC_0180  DSC_0185

By far the most stunning was their Pockit, which holds the record as the world’s smallest folding stroller. It’s really impressive and I hope I get a chance to play with one! Check out my video of the demo on Instagram.

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My Modern Nursery #104: Softest Pink Nursery Sponsored by Lullaby Paints

I found Softest Pink from Lullaby Paints to be a very easy color to work with. It’s a pink with a bit of orange in it so you can use any of your favorite coral tones with it. We found and pinned tons of decor items and furnishings on the Softest Pink Nursery Inspiration Board and compiled our favorite combination into this space.

If you need more ideas to make this color your own, check them out Pinterest and be sure to email photos of your completed space!

My Modern Nursery 104 : Softeset Pink Lullaby Paints

1- Softest Pink Wall Paint from Lullaby Paints- $33 per half gallon
2- Stray Dog Designs Uncle Walter Drum Pendant- $350
Ojo in Salmon by Your Madly- $42 to $425 depending on size
3- Head in the Clouds Throw Pillow- $19
4- Sunrise Wall Hanging by WKNDLA- $200
5- Pippa Persimmon Curtain Panel- $70 each
6- P’kolino Bianco Dresser- $400
Mixed Media Pink Table Lamp- $80
7- P’kolino Grigio Convertible Crib- $550
8- Belle the Dog from blabla kids- $44- $56
Painter’s Rug- $700-$1900 depending on size
9- Parker Glider from Natart- $1260
John Robshaw Peak Pillow- $200
10- Shaggy Pouf- $70

Thanks to Lullaby Paints for sponsoring our nursery board series. Safe for baby and the environment, Lullaby Paints are the perfect choice for your modern nursery. For more nursery color inspiration, follow Lullaby Paints on Pinterest. It’s so much fun to work on these nursery boards with Lullaby Paints and come up with great modern nurseries inspired by their colors.

Some affiliate links included.

Feeding Finds at the ABC Kids Expo 2015

In addition to the new 4moms high chair, there were some other items worth mentioning in the world of baby feeding.

The jj rabbit booth is always so cute, and I couldn’t help but admire their new siliMATs. They’re the perfect backdrop for all their adorable children’s dishware including the new aniBOWLS.

jj rabbit at ABC Kids Expo 2015jj rabbit bowls at ABC Kids Expo 2015

In the highchair world, OXO’s Sprout High Chair has gray and white frames in addition to the current walnut and birch…

OXO Sprout at ABC Kids Expo

… and Stokke’s Tripp Trapp will be available in two new colors as well.

New Stokke tripp trapp colors at ABC Kids Expo 2015

From Boon, you can look forward to the new Bento lunch box…

Boon new products at ABC Kids Expo 2015

… as well as the Forb Mini dish brush.

Boon at ABC Kids Expo 2015

Boon’s straw cup tops and sippy cup tops are also available right now.

Boon at ABC Kids Expo 2015

Baby Bjorn is adding a rounded fork to their baby spoon.

Baby Bjorn Fork at ABC Kids Expo 2015

Silikids developed the perfect silicone cup to go with their straw tops. You can purchase the cup as a set with top and straw.

Silikids at ABC Kids Expo 2015

US Debut of Kidsmill at ABC Kids Expo 2015

So many pretty nursery collections coming our way from Kidsmill. My favorite is this Sixties collection.

Kidsmill at ABC Kids Expo

Fjord has a natural beachy feel, and YES the Hallstand tree is for sale!

Kidsmill at ABC Kids Expo

Lodge is another beautiful collection that can be used in many different interiors.

Kidsmill at ABC Kids Expo

Costa is another exciting option, and we hope to see Kidsmill bring over many more of their nurseries.

Kidsmill at ABC Kids Expo

We can also look forward to their Highchair Up!, and the bouncer!

Kidsmill at ABC Kids Expo

Oh, how I love all these imports… keep ‘em coming!

4moms High Chair at ABC Kids Expo 2015

We have high expectations for 4moms, and when they debut a new product, we expect to be impressed. But what could be so impressive about a new high chair? Magnets!

4moms high chair at ABC Kids Expo

One of the trickiest parts of a high chair is removing the tray, right? If you’ve ever tried to teach your parents how to get your child out of their high chair, you know what I’m talking about. But the 4moms high chair is so easy, you can remove the tray with one hand.

4moms high chair at ABC Kids Expo

The chair is extremely easy to clean and the foam insert can be removed and washed in the sink. The tray liner comes off and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

4moms high chair at ABC Kids Expo

The tray top is also magnetic and their high chair comes with a bowl that sticks to the tray. Other magnetic dishes will also be available for purchase.

4moms high chair at ABC Kids Expo

The 4moms high chair also features 3 height settings, 3 tray positions, a 5-point harness than can be changed to a 3-point harness and it will retail for a reasonable $300. Look for it in early 2016!

Micuna’s US Debut at ABC Kids Expo 2015

One of the most exciting discoveries at the ABC Kids Expo this year was that Micuna, a Spanish baby brand, is coming to the US in 2016! We’ve admired them from afar for a long time, but now they’re bringing five pieces stateside (at least for now).

Micuna at ABC Kids Expo 2015

First is the Life Crib. This crib is really unique and can be customized with different color bars. It also converts (with additional parts) into an adorable toddler bed. $990

Micuna at ABC Kids Expo 2015

The Smart Fresh Bassinet is beautifully sculptural and features transparent fabric sides. Other color options are available. $450

Micuna at ABC Kids Expo 2015

The Harmony Single Evolutive Crib is perfectly modern and also converts to a toddler bed. $850

Micuna at ABC Kids Expo 2015

Finally, the Ovo High Chair is a sophisticated but easy to clean design. Colorful fabric seat covers come separately. Just put this one on your wish list right now! $500

Micuna at ABC Kids Expo 2015  Micuna at ABC Kids Expo 2015 Micuna at ABC Kids Expo 2015

Welcome to the US, Micuna!

Coming Soon from Dwell Studio at ABC Kids Expo 2015

DwellStudio put on a good show a the ABC Kids Expo. There’s lots to look forward to in their kids and baby lineups.

Keep an eye out for the new nursery collection. I love their Mid-Century Crib but I may like this one even more.

New DwellStudio ABC Kids Expo 2015

The new Arden butterfly bedding collection is a lovely new option for girls.

New DwellStudio ABC Kids Expo 2015

And the Canyon camping bedding collection is new for boys. These are both available now.

New DwellStudio ABC Kids Expo 2015

For 2016, you can look forward to lots of new baby bedding including this amazing bear print.

New DwellStudio ABC Kids Expo 2015New DwellStudio ABC Kids Expo 2015  New DwellStudio ABC Kids Expo 2015 New DwellStudio ABC Kids Expo 2015 New DwellStudio ABC Kids Expo 2015

You shouldn’t forget about their kids bedding, including the Sidney Duvet Set. The turquoise pillow is from the Maya set. So pretty!

New DwellStudio ABC Kids Expo 2015

I’m loving all the different textures they’re including in their bedding. It’s the details that makes DwellStudio so special.

New From Monte at ABC Kids Expo 2015

Last year we went nuts for Monte‘s Rockwell Bassinet and this year they followed it up with the coordinating rocker, the Jackson Rocker!

Monte at ABC Kids Expo 2015 Jackson Rocker

This should be available at the end of January and will retail for about $1200.

Monte’s other new debut is the Opie toddler chair. These are the perfect kids chairs for your modern living space and I’m envious of anyone who has children small enough to enjoy these! The Opie chair will retail for about $300 and should be available before the holidays.

Monte at ABC Kids Expo 2015


The Latest from Oeuf at the ABC Kids Expo 2015

There were lots of exciting goodies to be seen from Oeuf at the ABC Kids Expo last week.

Oeuf at ABC Kids Expo 2015

First, the Brooklyn desk is a clever design that can be set up at two different heights and includes three storage cubbies. Look for it in January 2016.

Oeuf at ABC Kids Expo 2015 Brooklyn desk

Starting in February, you’ll be able to purchase full crib bedding sets from Oeuf, and there are two new color options for the Oeuf Sparrow!

Oeuf at ABC Kids Expo 2015

Petal is a subtle pink and Slate is a dark gray.

Oeuf at ABC Kids Expo 2015

Finally, the home textiles are divine. I’m really looking forward to the rugs and coordinating pillows!

Oeuf at ABC Kids Expo 2015 rugs Oeuf at ABC Kids Expo 2015 rugs Oeuf at ABC Kids Expo 2015 pillows

2015 JPMA Innovation Awards at the ABC Kids Expo 2015

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association honors the most exciting new products in the juvenile industry each year and the winners are chosen and announced at the ABC Kids Expo. The following were the winners for 2015…

In the Feeding/Bathing/Changing Category, the winner was the Happy Mat by ezpz. “The Happy Mat is a revolutionary game changer for mealtime with kids. It is a placemat and plate in one that suctions to the table, which means that it captures kids’ messes and doesn’t allow for tipped bowls or plates.”

The Happy Mat by ezpz

In the Safety Category, the winner was  The Owlet Baby Monitor by Owlet Baby Care, Inc. “This is the only monitor that uses hospital technology—pulse oximetry—and can truly alert parents if their baby stops breathing.”

The Owlet Baby Monitor by Owlet Baby Care, Inc

In the Child Restraint Category, the winner was Evenflo Advanced Sensor Safe Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat. “This infant car seat offers technology aimed to prevent child vehicular heatstroke. Upon arrival at your destination, the Evenflo SensorSafe™ Technology will generate a series of tones, reminding you that your baby is present in the vehicle.”

Evenflo Advanced Sensor Safe Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat

In the Nursery Category, the winner was the Newton Crib Mattress. “Newton is the only 100% breathable, washable, recyclable crib mattress. Independent testing ranked Newton highest in safety compared to leading competitors.”

In the Play/Entertainment Category, the winner was the SpinAgain by Fat Brain Toys. “It’s a stacking toy with a spin! SpinAgain is the first ever stacking and twirling toy!”


In the Infant/Parent Care Category, the winner was ErgoBaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow. “The Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow is uniquely designed with curved contouring to help position baby in an ideal tummy-to-tummy position that offers lasting support to nurse comfortably.”

In the On The Go Category, the winner was Travel Humidifier by Crane. “Crane’s Travel Humidifier allows you to bring relieving humidity anywhere you and your family travel. This humidifier has a power adapter for USB or standard A/C outlets, plugging directly into your computer, your car or right into any wall.”

Travel Humidifier by Crane

In the Carriers Category, the winner was The Mountain Buggy Juno. “Juno transitions seamlessly from newborn to toddler, providing a hands free, hands through connection.”

The Mountain Buggy Juno

In the Stroller Category, the winner was Babyzen Yoyo + by BabyZen USA. “The Babyzen Yoyo+ is the urban stroller for parents on the move – folds to carry on size, yet is solid and strong as any other stroller.”

 Babyzen Yoyo + by BabyZen USA

The 2015 Best In Show winner was The Entourage by Austlen Baby Co. “The Entourage stroller features the most versatility and storage capacity on the market, accommodating up to 150 pounds of combined weight.”

 The Entourage by Austlen Baby Co

And finally, the 2015 Parent’s Pick Award winner was  The Owlet Baby Monitor by Owlet Baby Care Inc.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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