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We are here to bring you the best modern nurseries, products, gear and gifts.  The blog is a nursery design resource with nursery decorating ideas galore.




2011 Cribsie Awards Finalist for “Coolest Design Ideas For The Nursery”
2011 Totally Awesome Awards Finalist “Most Awesome Nursery and Décor Site”



In January 2010, after maintaining buymodernbaby.com for 4 years, I finally felt the need to add a companion blog to the site. I believe the product guide is a wonderful resource on its own, but there are so many items and ideas that just don’t fit into the neat categories.

buymodernbaby.com started, like so many other parent websites and blogs do, when I was expecting my first child. I had an idea about what I DIDN’T want to buy for my nursery and the type of thing I thought I was looking for. I DIDN’T want ruffles, or bears or trucks or duckies. I didn’t want licensed characters or shabby chic. I wanted simple, sophisticated and modern, but this was back in 2005 and finding what I wanted was extremely difficult– particularly since I don’t live in New York or California. After months of searching the web, I had found a few online retailers that each had a small selection of modern nursery furnishings and accessories.  From these, I was able to piece together a nursery I loved.

By the time I had picked everything out I knew just about every company, product and store that fit my taste. With this information, I created a guide where someone like me could find all the choices that were out there without having to do all the research. Over the years I have kept up with the explosion of new companies, lines and products and have continued to update the guide so it remains a comprehensive source for finding the hottest and coolest baby products, gear and furnishings.

I am a little envious of newly expecting parents.  There are SOOO many great new choices each and every year.  I know if I were shopping today I would have picked out many different things– though I don’t regret any of my choices!

I hope that my readers and followers find buymodernbaby useful in some way and I’d love to know that someone found just the right crib or bedding or shower gift because of something they discovered here and our nursery ideas.  So with that in mind, and a passion for ridding the world of nurseries with ruffles, cutesy bears, trucks themes and duckies, I will continue to discover the most modern and stylish furnishings, gear and accessories available to you in North America.


I keep the same policy for both my blog and on www.buymodernbaby.com

My goal is to share every item that might be of interest and give my readers access to buy the products when possible.  I have made affiliate connections and select relevant advertisers for my pages from a collection of trusted retailers.  If I create a link to a product or service in a review, sometimes I may get paid a commission if you purchase the product or service.  Any other compensation that might influence the content of blog posts is disclosed in the individual post.

I’m not selling anything but I do hope you find exactly the items you were hoping to buy.

14 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. Hi…I saw that you are able to help some people with their nursery designs…they look amazing…and was hoping that you could also help me if you have the time. I need ideas for son’s room (expecting in aug 2011). This is what I have so far…I purchased the space crib bedding from target (kind of syfy…but cute), I found an alien night light (a light in the night creature), and my furniture are all honey oak colored (but, modern) and I plan on buying the robot stuffed animals from Manhattan toys…I need a wall color…and art work…for a small room…that he can grow with…Please help if you can. I know you have a busy schedule…but, really need ideas for painting the walls, a lamp, and art…and a mobile…Wish I knew how to attatch pictures here…or I would send you some of what I have purchased.
    Thanks for any info or ideas you might have:)

  2. I’m re decorating my toddler sons room as I’m expecting baby number 2, girl in late oct. I’ve purchased him the dwell studio night owl quilt and his room is currently a white and neutral light brown colour… Looking for some modern accessories, art work, lamps and nifty pieces.. Would love your help or opinion on Colours to focus on… I’m thinking blues/greens, and still unsure of furniture colour, leaning towards whites and light Colours.
    Would love your opinion

  3. Love the site, I am interested in advertising or having a sponsor link . Please forward the pertinent details, rates, and requirements for our review.

    Thanks for your time.


  4. I LOVE your website and blog! I didn’t want to have a nursery like every other nursery I’ve seen, but didn’t know where to start. You made it so much easier! THANK YOU!

  5. Thanks for the info! Sorry, I don’t know where to post this question. I’m obsessed with Jonathan Adler. Do you have any idea why all of his baby items seem to be disappearing? All the Happy Chic stuff was discontinued a long time ago, then I see he teamed up with Fisher-Price, but only a few items are available through Fisher-Price (rocker, stroller, etc..). I can’t find any more furniture available and most of the crib bedding items are only being sold as “used” b/c all of that was discontinued. The only items on his website are pillows and nightlights. Any idea what’s going on?


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