24 Feb 2015, 1:19pm
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Etsy Find: Tooth Fairy Boxes

My baby lost his second tooth yesterday. For some reason my boys have lost almost all of their teeth at lunch at school!

tooth fairy

Fortunately, the lunch ladies have these cute little treasure chest to help ensure that any teeth lost in the cafeteria get home safely for the tooth fairy, but you too can prepare yourself with the Tooth Fairy Boxes from Beehive Kitchenware. Choose rabbit or bird. $32 each


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16 Sep 2013, 9:43pm
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Top 10 Tooth Fairy Finds

We had our share of visits from the tooth fairy over the past few months.  It’s a fun and magical tradition that I think parents look forward to just as much as their kids.  These are my top 10 picks to make losing those precious little baby teeth even more magical.

Top 10 tooth fairy finds

1- Apple White Tooth Fairy Pillow House– $24
2- Urban Timber Woodworks Wooden Engraved Tooth Fairy Box– $10
3- Fournier Clown Tooth Fairy Pillow– $304- Julia B. Tooth Fairy Pillow– $150
5- TeethME Tooth Fairy Box– $16
6- Sparkle Power Tooth Fairy Pillow– $13
7- Looploft Tooth Fairy Pillow with Chart– $25
8- Wunderkind Custom Tooth Fairy Box– $14
9- Oeuf Tooth Fairy Pillow– $36
10- Pilosale Little Hemp Tooth Fairy Pillow– $16

The Tooth Keeper

We’ve done tooth fairy roundups in the past, but what do you do after the tooth fairy arrives? I never know what to do with the tiny teeth. Some are in ziploc bags in my vanity drawer. Others are stashed elsewhere, I can’t even remember. I wish I had The Tooth-Keeper on hand when my boys first started losing their baby teeth so I could have kept them in order.


The Tooth Keeper comes in boy and girl versions. To find a good deal, just search for “tooth box organizer” on ebay.

Baby’s First Easter Basket 2018

For 2018, we’ve got 5 new Easter basket ideas for a baby friendly, candy-free celebration. Of course, you can always add a bit of chocolate if you like, but these baskets are wonderful collections of treasures on their own.

The Egg by Britta Teckentrup- $17
Duck Tooth Fairy Cushion by Coral & Tusk- $43
Isla Cuddle Toy– $38
Rustic Bunny Mirror– Sass & Belle- $22
Luggy Basket Natural
– $75

Bunny Colorful Kit– $44
Peek-a-Boo Bunny by Holly Surplice- $10
Cute Yolk Egg LED Night Light– $14
Millennial Pink Rabbit from Jumatamade- $37
Liewood Ella Fabric Basket in Girl Power– $40

Chicken and Friends Layered Puzzle– $14
HABA Shakin Eggs– $20
Lucy the Super Chick
– $25 each
Anne-Claire Petit Multicoloured Rabbit– $32
Genevieve Gorder Small Bin– $35


Hank Finds an Egg by Rebecca Dudley- $17
Cocoa Rabbit Music Box– $44
Egg Petanque by Eperfa- $44
Brown Bunny Car Push Toy
– $40
Fabric Cube Storage Bin Woodgrain– $10


Liewood Augusta Rabbit Towel– $52
Duckling by Architectmade- $61
Oeuf Rabbit– $107
Yoga Bunny by Brian Russo- $18
Cloud Floor Basket– $59

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NY Now Winter 2015 Baby + Child Best New Product Awards

The show wraps up today, but the finalists and winners from the NY Now home + lifestyle market in the Baby + Child category are:


Innobaby LLC (Barrington, IL) for its Innobaby Stainless Bottle and Aqua Heat Warming Pod, which features BPA-free, eco-friendly aqua heat packs to heat bottle without need for batteries or electricity.”

Innobaby LLC Stainless Bottle and Aqua Heat Warming Pod


Winner: “Kid O (New York, NY) for its Mix-and-Match animals, featuring puzzle pieces that can be sorted and snapped together to encourage early creative thinking and social storytelling.”


Finalist: “KidKraft® (Dallas, TX) for its KidKraft Orange Play Teepee.”

Kidkraft Teepee

Finalist: “Uncle Goose (Grand Rapids, MI) for its Odd Galaxy Lunar Rocket.”


Winner: “HABA® USA (Skaneateles, NY) for its Swing Ship Ahoy, which features an “anchor” that can be thrown out to slow the swing down. Includes a support and extensions.”

Haba Swing Ship Ahoy

Finalist: “Uncle Goose (Grand Rapids, MI) for its Chord Cubes.”

Finalist: “Cate and Levi (Toronto, ON, Canada) for its Tooth Fairy Pillow.”



Winner: “Katesplace LLC (St. Helena, CA) for its Kupp’, a children’s drinking glass made in Maine from European glass, enclosed in a colorful silicone sleeve.”

kupp' a drinking glass for kids

Finalist: “The Manhattan Toy Company (Minneapolis, MN) for Travel and ComfortTM Tablet

Travel + Comfort Tablet Wedge (Cloud)
Finalist: “i Rock the Block (New York, NY) for its Safety Slap


Some of these products are super new and aren’t on the company’s website just yet, but you will want to keep your eye out for them!

20 May 2011, 10:58am
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They Posted These So I Don’t Have To

These are some of my favorite posts from around the web over the past week.

Petit Eco Kids picked five favorite map/travel themed items.  My favorite is this vintage globe by ImagineNations.

Amanda at Coos & Ahhs put together this “Bright Out” toddler’s room collection to celebrate spring.  I love the fun bright colors and fun accessories.  Click the link to see the rest of it!

Inhabitots showed us how you can “Get Organized with 3 Sprouts Organic Storage Caddy.”  The 3 Sprouts bins are fun, but these caddies are a great addition to the collection.  I especially like the mouse and there’s also a beaver.

Chalk + dot put together this chic nursery mood board “Up, Up, and Away!” inspired by airplane travel.  A great mix of styles.

Finally, since my oldest is going to be 5 1/2 on Monday, this Tooth Fairy post on tiny & little really caught my eye.  I just know he’s going to start losing those adorable little baby teeth any time now 🙁

Finally this week, I have to share this adorable yet somewhat impractical Training Dresser from Peter Bristol that I first spotted on ohdeedoh.  Since then it’s been making the blog rounds.  You can see more about the dresser on peterbristol.net.  It’s also available in a girl version.

Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend with your friends and family.

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