Roh Crib Now in White and Alto Collection

Spot on Square‘s popular Roh crib is now available in white with acrylic.  Previously it was a two tone piece with walnut and acrylic on the front, walnut or walnut and acrylic on the back and white on the sides.  Now you can choose a simpler, cleaner look with just white and acrylic.  Shall we call it the fish tank of cribs?  Seriously, it’s gorgeous though. ($1700-$2100 and expected to ship October 2014)

Roh Crib-White-2 Sided Acrylic-Front

I MAY be using this crib in our next nursery board.  Follow along on Pinterest as that inspiration develops.

Then, we’ve been waiting for the Alto Collection since ABC Kids Expo 2013.  The Alto Crib ($1790) is a beautiful, modern white crib with chrome legs and your choice of translucent end panels.

Alto Crib with Options

Pair the crib with an Alto Dresser or CredenzaAlto-Crib-Dresser-3Q-Lifestyle Alto-Credenza-Red-Front-Lifestyle

The matching bookshelf is a work of art as well.  Keep it up, Spot on Square!

17 Jul 2018, 11:57am
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Reverie Acrylic Crib from Spot on Square

Spot on Square’s Roh Crib has been a popular acrylic model for a while now, but the new Reverie Crib (now available for pre-order) brings the price way down and features acrylic on all four sides!

The new design has 3 adjustable positions and can convert to a daybed. Retails for $999.


This modern beauty is expected to ship September 2018 to all the lucky fall nurseries.

New Roh Collection Pieces from Spot on Square

We’ve all seen the Roh crib and dresser in Rachel Zoe’s nursery recently, but Spot on Square has just introduced a few new pieces to their gorgeous Roh Collection!

The most notable is this Roh Shelving– a great storage option to go with your Roh crib.  This piece retails for $1350.

For even more storage, for baby’s room or your living room, the Roh Credenza is another beautiful addition to the collection.  This retails for $1790.

And is you’re using Roh for the bedroom, they’ve also got a two drawer nightstand for $825.

“Coolest Cribs for Modern Tots” 2011 Cribsie Finalists

This weekend we’re going to take an in-depth look at a few of the Cribsie Awards that are close to my heart.

First, in the Nursery category (of course!), is “Coolest Cribs for Modern Tots.”  This was a tough one for me to pick as all the choices are really excellent.  The finalists in the category have all been listed on buymoderncribs for a long time.  So long in fact, that they’ve never been properly discussed here in the blog.  So, without further delay, let us introduce this year’s finalists.

First on the list is Oeuf.  You may or may not know that our own crib is a Classic Oeuf, which I ordered before they were even in stores back in 2005.  We’ve been happy with our Oeuf ever since and are using it right now for baby #2. Over the past 6 years, the Classic Crib has been joined by the Sparrow and Robin.  All are beautiful, eco-friendly, sturdy and safe.

Second up is Stokke.  Their Sleepi crib system is a now classic oval design that converts from bassinet to crib and then to a toddler bed and then junior bed.  It’s the ultimate in convertibility.

Bloom’s beautiful Alma Mini, Alma Papa and Luxo cribs have the added feature of being able to fold up for storage.  They are gorgeous enough for full time daily use, but they also make great temporary or short-term options.  How cool would it be if your hotel brought up an Alma crib for your little one?!

Spot on Square has an beautiful collection of cribs that are all made in the US.  I have yet to see one of these in person, but the designs are so amazing, I’m sure I’d go for it regardless.  From left to right the models are Eicho, Hiya and Roh.

Muu’s Sam and Ray cribs are clean and simple cribs to begin with, but they can be customized in dozens of ways.  The unique MuuPanel system adds a panel with the design of your choice to either style crib.

ducduc is the old man on the block, but they’ve got unparalled reputation, variety of incredible styles and tons of customization options.  Be aware, you’re going to pay big $$ for this level of awesome.

So, tell us… which are you going to vote for?

30 Dec 2015, 11:40pm
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My Modern Nursery #106: Rose Quartz and Serenity Sponsored by Lullaby Paints

We’ve had a great time this month exploring how to use Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2016 in the modern nursery. Of course, when Pantone selected both a shade of pink and a light shade of blue this year, the obvious first thought was of baby girl and baby boy, but part of the point is to use the two colors together in less gender specific ways.

Rose Quartz and Serenity aren’t the typical shade of pink and blue that you’d see used at a gender reveal parties, baby showers and such, so I hope you followed along on our Pinterest board as I found products that really make the most of these great hues.

For the paint colors, though Lullaby Paints has a huge variety of wonderful colors that we’ve been using over the past few years, we finally were able to take advantage of their custom wall color option that allows you to specify any paint shade while still enjoying non-toxic Lullaby Paints and avoiding dangerous chemicals.

Though we combined Rose Quartz and Serenity in this month’s design, we really couldn’t choose just one for the wall color, so you know we had to do TWO rooms!

1- Custom Serenity Wall Paint from Lullaby Paints- $59 a gallon
2- Ambit Pendant from Muuto- $369
3- Amsterdam Cabinet from This is Dutch (Heaven Blue & Loving Blue)- $1300 each
4- Curves by Alexandre Reis- $ depends on size and framing
5- Roh Crib from Spot on Square- $1700
Crib Sheet- Taj Paisley from Rikshaw Design- $40
Plush Goat Pillow from Laura Frisk- $20
6- Aqualou Rug– 8′ x 11′- $4460
7- Moulin Roty Doll Baby Carriage– $200
8- Max Raccoon from Hazel Village- $42
9- Maileg Crocheted Princess Doll– $30
10- Joya Rocker from Monte Design- $1095

My Modern Nursery 106 pink Rose Quartz Pantone

1- Custom Rose Quartz Wall Paint from Lullaby Paints- $59 a gallon
2- Jeremy Owl from Hazel Village- $45
3- Mushroom Lamp from Egmont Toys- $60
4- Butterfly Prints from One Canoe Two- Set of 9 9×12 Prints framed- $430
5- Roh Crib from Spot on Square- $1700
Crib Sheet- Booti Pink from Rikshaw Design- $40
Cuddly Cloud Large- from Donna Wilson- $93
6- Sauri Rug– 8′ x 11′- $2050
7- Puffin Hardcover Classics Box Set– $105
8- Tolix armchair and children’s desk– $250 + $255
9- Whale from Oeuf- $36
10- Joya Rocker from Monte Design- $1095

Be sure to visit the Pinterest board where we collected all this “color of the year” inspiration and hope it inspires a colorful new year in 2016!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the year of nursery design inspiration boards that we’ve done in partnership with Lullaby Paints. We are so grateful for all their support and love having such a great partnership with a brand we feel so good about. Safe for baby and the environment, Lullaby Paints are the perfect choice for your modern nursery and we’re happy to pick them as the backdrop and inspiration for our designs each month. Happy new year!

Some affiliate links included.
22 Aug 2014, 10:21am
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My Modern Nursery #87: Joyful Green Sponsored by Lullaby Paints

We’ve been playing around with the inspiration for this summery nursery on Pinterest throughout the month of August. Joyful Green is a bright blueish green that’s not too rich and not too dark. I wanted to keep it bright by using light colored furnishings and accessories. This board came together perfectly, but if you’re looking for alternative furniture or decor options, we’ve got tons more great ideas on the Pin board.

My Modern Nursery 87: Joyful Green

1- Joyful Eggshell Paint from Lullaby Paints- $99 a gallon
2- Landing Limited Edition Print by Neeta Sawhney- $29 to $325 framed depending on size
3- Nelson Saucer Pendant Lamp– $270 to $435 depending on size
4- Cloud and Rain Drops Mobile from Trendy Peas- $39
5- Awning Stripes 2 in Mint by Kristie Kern- $29 to $325 framed depending on size
Out to Sea by Carolyn MacLaren- $29 to $325 framed depending on size
6- Square Cutout 6-Drawer Dresser– $700
Barbara Cosgrove The Collection Sea Urchin Lamp– $330
Boon Glo Nightlight– $70
Boon Stash Multi-Room Organizer– $20
7- Roh Crib from Spot on Square- $1700
8-  Vilac Rocking Bent– $188
9- Souk Wool Rug– $200 to $1300 depending on size
10- GT Rocker– $1150
Cloud Pillow from blabla kids- $62

Thanks as always to Lullaby Paints for sponsoring our nursery board series.  Safe for baby and the environment, Lullaby Paints are the perfect choice for your modern nursery.  For more nursery color inspiration, follow Lullaby Paints on Pinterest, and keep a lookout for next month’s new board!

Some affiliate links included

Coming Soon: Alto Collection from Spot on Square at ABC Kids Expo 2013

I was happy just to see the Spot on Square collections in person for the first time, but previewing their all new Alto Collection was an added bonus.  This clean white collection comes with white side panels but can be accented with colorful panels.

Alto Collection from Spot on Square

The Alto Collection includes the crib, dresser with changing top and a credenza and should be available in early 2014.

Shown below are two of my favorites… the Roh Crib and the Ulm Crib.

Spot on Square cribs

29 Jul 2011, 12:41pm

Rachel Zoe’s Nursery for Skyler

I’m sure everybody has already watched Rachel Zoe’s tour or her son Skyler’s nursery on ABC’s Primetime, but while everyone was busy oohing and ahhing over his extravagant wardrobe, I was checking out the furniture and accessories.

She must have been browsing to pick the nursery furniture!  Here’s what it looks like.

1- Spot on Square Roh Crib– $1590

2- Oilo 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set (Cobblestone Motif – Taupe)– $399
Oilo Studio Taupe Band Throw Pillow– $49
Oilo Taupe Pillow- $59

3- Schylling Metal Speedster– $85

4- Hermes Avalon Blanket (H blanket)- $1300

5- Melissa & Doug Giraffe Plush– $75

6- Serena and Lily White Leather Pouf– $450

7- Offi Nest Bassinet– $1000

8- Spot on Square Roh Dresser– $1290

9- Oeuf Mini Library in Walnut– $660

10- For some reason (oops) I put a picture of a Grano Glider, though it’s a Luca Glider– $995 with the Luca Ottoman– $385

(updated 7/30) I found the monkey art that you can see on the wall.  If you’re interested, it’s Jeff Koons Monkey Train.

If you’re noticing a celebrity trend, Christina Applegate also used an Oeuf Library, Oilo bedding and Monte Glider in her daughter’s nursery!  They both also used pops of orange as an accent color.  Which room do you like better?

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