Play Collection from Oeuf

We’ve been waiting for this for a while now, so I’m excited to officially introduce Oeuf’s Play Collection!


The collection features a beautiful white play table and bent plywood chairs with either rabbit or bear ears. Both adorable chairs come in birch or walnut and can be customized with fun fabric Play Stickers that can be removed and reused.

animated play chair stickers

I’d even just want a set of the stickers ($19) to play with!

Oeuf Play_chairs_3

The play table retails for $269 and the chairs are sold in pairs for $226.


The Play Collection goes perfectly alongside any other Oeuf collections but it’s a clean modern design that you can be happy to place in any living space.

Coming Soon: What’s New from Oeuf at ABC Kids Expo 2014

Since Oeuf got the most “likes” on our ABC Kids Expo 2014 Instagram feed, it’s the first brand we’re going to cover.

One of the things I’m most excited about from the expo this year is Oeuf’s Fawn collection.

Oeuf Fawn Collection

The Fawn Crib, which is lovely on its own, is extra special because it converts from the bassinet.

Oeuf Fawn Crib and DresserOeuf Fawn Bassinet

The bassinet-to-crib should retail for $980 and is expected Spring 2015. A matching dresser will be part of the collection as well.

This River Twin Bed is a beautiful alternative to Oeuf’s Sparrow bed. I love the safety rail as well as the bench at the foot of the bed.  It’s your twin alternative to the Perch Toddler Bed.  The River Twin Bed will retail for $740 with the trundle ($300) and rail ($100) as add on accessories.  These are also expected in the spring.

Oeuf River Twin Bed

Oeuf River twin bed with trundle

I was also glad to see that Oeuf’s table and chair set is still in the pipeline.  This should be out by January.  The table is $270, a set of TWO chairs is $226 and the stickers will be about $20.


Oeuf will also be coming out with it’s own bedding for cribs as well as big kid beds.

Oeuf bedding

Patterns include tiny dots as well as these cute cherries. We’ll post more as the products are released.

Oeuf Perch Toddler Bed

We were happy with our Oeuf Classic Toddler Bed after we converted our crib, but now Oeuf has introduced the all new Perch Toddler Bed as a beautiful alternative.   10293620_10152324781415042_3936914320148783499_o

For $440, this toddler bed includes a removable toddler rail and comes in birch (shown) or walnut, to coordinate with other Oeuf furnishings, and in particular, the Perch Bunk Bed. Oeuf Perch toddler bed

Holiday Gifts 2013: Oeuf Goodies

The winter holidays are a perfect time to indulge a little and snuggle up with some cozy alpaca knit plushies from Oeuf.    These are just a few options that will be treasured gifts for babies and kids of any age.

Oeuf Goodies

Rainbow Pillow, Soccer Ball Boy, Rat Pillow, VW Bus, Roger the Pirate, Boy Snake, Coral Apple Pillow

Coming Soon: New Products from Oeuf at ABC Kids Expo 2013

Oeuf has some really cool new additions to its collections coming in 2014.

The first item that was getting a lot of attention was this beautiful toddler table and chair set.  I love the style of the legs.  The table will come with two chairs.  There are also two styles of chairs– with a plain straight back…

Oeuf Toddler Table and Chairs

… or with bear or rabbit ears.  In the photo above you can also see Oeuf’s new fabric sticker collection that can be used to decorate the chairs, your walls or any other smooth surface that could use a silly face!

Oeuf toddler chairs

Oeuf will also be offering this new toddler bed as a less expensive alternative to the Classic Toddler Bed.

New Oeuf Toddler Bed

The amazing Perch bunk bed (which I’m obsessed with) will be available as a full size loft to better suit older children in need of more space.

Perch Loft- full size

And check out the new additional storage accessories.  This shelving just hooks over the bed frame.

Oeuf storage

And this cabinet can stand alone or be hooked to the bed as well.  I want one of these as a bench under Mr. 4’s window!

Oeuf Storage

Thanks to Oeuf for the tour and I can’t wait to see these pieces come out.  I hope to own some soon!

8 Jul 2013, 9:50pm
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Oeuf Elephant Crib

We spent all day today traveling back from our vacation (where I didn’t get on the computer once!) and what do I discover on the wifi on the plane?  Oeuf debuts its newest crib design!  It was hard to wait all day to share this one with you, but here it finally is…

The Elephant Crib is Oeuf’s collaboration with Carlos Tiscar.

In addition to being a simple beauty in gray or white, the real magic of the Elephant Crib is that this one only takes 10 minutes to assemble. Non-handy parents-to-be have nothing to fear from this simple to assemble yet super-stylish design. $675

Project Nursery interviewed Oeuf co-founder Michael Ryan and Linsy Wade, and they demonstrated just how simple the assembly is.  Check out the video to see how it works.

2 May 2013, 1:14pm
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Tinous Posters from Oeuf

The French illustrator Tinou Le Joly Senoville has created two new posters for Oeuf.  They are available in Oeuf’s “Stuff We Love” section, which is just packed full of things you’re going to love too!

Tinou Numbers Poster – $20

Tinou Seasons Poster- $20

Both posters measure 11″ x 17″.

Oeuf XL Changing Station

To go with their larger Merlin 6 Drawer Dresser, Oeuf is launching the XL Changing Station / Shelf.  $300

It’s not just the perfect changer with plenty of storage on your dresser top, but when you’re done with it, the changing stations mounts on the wall and becomes a display shelf.

I love anything that stretches the lifetime of these products and I applaud this creative thinking!

Now if only I could find something to do with our old Oeuf changing station.  While it was ideal while we needed it, it’s now been hanging around our house for the past 2 years…

New Rhea Collection from Oeuf

Oeuf’s Rhea Crib is an updated and beautiful new version of the Robin Crib.

I love the legs matching the slats.  It grounds the crib more while the Robin floats.

The Rhea Crib retails for $670 and is designed to coordinate perfectly with the Merlin Dresser.

Choose birch and white or walnut and white.  On this crib I’m partial to the walnut.  What do you think?

NYC in Baby Alpaca from Oeuf

For big city luxury from day one, Oeuf is introducing these new plush goodies for 2013.  Available today is the Black Limo ($77), and the Empire State Building and Taxi are coming soon.  Add these to your big Apple Pillow, and enjoy instant urban sophistication.

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