25 Mar 2016, 3:09pm
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Oeuf Decor

Oeuf recently launched its range of home accessories featuring wool rugs, hand-loomed pillows, and many new colorful, soft alpaca-stuffed objects.

Oeuf Decor VW Bus in Bay Blue, Rainbow Shaped Pillow in Teal/Multi, Brownstone Pillow in Hazelnut/Multi, Haussmann  Building Pillow in Beige/Multi, Broccoli  Pillow in Green/Multi, VW Bug in Rose,  Apple Pillow in Multi Stripe, Mouth  Shaped Pillow Gold Tooth in Red/Multi, Rat in Light Grey/Multi, Love Pillowcover in Light Pink, Rainbow Pillowcover in  Light Grey, Cat Shaped Pillow in  Night/Multi, Hot Dog (L) in Multi, Daisy  Pillow in Yellow/Multi, Anemone Pillow  in Red/Multi, Rainbow Pillowcover in  Burgundy, Banana Pillow in Yellow/Multi,  Soccerball in Indigo/Multi, & Flag Garland in Rose/Multi

Our favorite Oeuf “goodies” like the hot dog and the VW bus have been rolled into the Oeuf decor collection and they’ve been joined by many new pieces. My boys are shopping for their favorites as I type this.

Here are some of our favorite looks, but be sure to shop the site to find your perfect picks.


Heart Pillow, Rainbow Shaped Pillow, Black Cat Shaped Pillow, Champagne Pillow and Hot Dog

Oeuf pillows and rug peace sign

Rainbow Pillowcover, Peace Sign Pillowcover, Peace Sign Rug

Oeuf Love Blanket in White & Crown in Multi

Peace Sign Rug, Soccer Ball, Hot Sauce and Daisy Pillow

Oeuf Hot Sauce Pillow, Soccerball in Indigo,  Daisy Pillow in Yellow/Multi, Peace  Sign Rug in Lt. Grey, Crown Hat  in Rope, & Jumper in Cat

Love Blanket

Cute New Bedding and Pillows from Oeuf

You’re going to fall in love with the sweet new bedding patterns and pillows from Oeuf!

Combine your favorite printed crib sheet with the perfect pillow and nursery cuteness is assured.

crib-sheet-pillow-fox Oeuf  white-cherry bedding and pillow Oeuf pink-mustarddots bedding and bunny pillow from Oeufcharcoal-blackdots can cat pillow Oeuf white-indigodots fox Oeuf

You can also add a matching Changing Pad Cover, Crib Bumper and Crib Skirt as needed.

For even more texture, check out the wool pillows, or there are the coordinating rugs.


Oeuf Wool Pillows
Get creative with the mixing and matching and take your modern nursery nursery to the next level.

More Storage From Oeuf

You might have noticed in last week’s Brooklyn Desk post, but there was one other new item lurking in the image. Joining the ever popular Oeuf Mini Library, the new Vertical Mini Library adds great storage using less floor space!

Brooklyn Desk Room with Vertical Mini Library

There’s also the adorable new ML Nightstand which coordinates with the Mini Libraries. Thanks to Oeuf for over 10 years of perfectly designing exactly what I want to see (and buy!).

20 Jan 2016, 10:13pm
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Oeuf Brooklyn Desk

We previewed the Brooklyn Desk late last year, but you can order yours now!


New from Oeuf, the Brooklyn Desk is beautiful on its own, but it goes perfectly with any birch and white Oeuf pieces. It features three removable storage boxes and adjustable height settings.desk_3_boxes_birch_side
Retails for $575.

The Latest from Oeuf at the ABC Kids Expo 2015

There were lots of exciting goodies to be seen from Oeuf at the ABC Kids Expo last week.

Oeuf at ABC Kids Expo 2015

First, the Brooklyn desk is a clever design that can be set up at two different heights and includes three storage cubbies. Look for it in January 2016.

Oeuf at ABC Kids Expo 2015 Brooklyn desk

Starting in February, you’ll be able to purchase full crib bedding sets from Oeuf, and there are two new color options for the Oeuf Sparrow!

Oeuf at ABC Kids Expo 2015

Petal is a subtle pink and Slate is a dark gray.

Oeuf at ABC Kids Expo 2015

Finally, the home textiles are divine. I’m really looking forward to the rugs and coordinating pillows!

Oeuf at ABC Kids Expo 2015 rugs Oeuf at ABC Kids Expo 2015 rugs Oeuf at ABC Kids Expo 2015 pillows

Oeuf Plush Vegetables

We’ve seen Oeuf’s apples and cherries, but if that’s too sweet for you, they’ve expanded the offerings.

Oeuf Vegetables

Pick a Cauliflower, Eggplant, Broccoli or Radish Pillow. $100-$130 each


I’d snuggle up with a super soft baby alpaca wool radish, wouldn’t you?

3 Sep 2015, 10:41pm
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Oeuf River Twin Bed

We’re in the process of building a house and as its completion date gets closer I’m getting so anxious to move in, not just to enjoy our own space, but I really want our stuff back! It’s been in storage for months now and I’m longing to be around all my familiar things again. Some of my favorite items that I’m missing are my children’s bedroom furniture. My little one’s Oeuf Sparrow bedroom furniture is some of my most favorite. Though if I were in the market for a bed for him today, I’d have to consider the River Twin Bed ($740).

River twin bed from Oeuf

I love any furniture pieces that can do double duty (or more!) and with a trundle ($300) and the built-in bench, this is a really practical and beautiful piece.

River twin bed

It coordinates with any other Oeuf furniture pieces for easy mixing and matching of whatever furniture combination you need.

Coming Soon: Fawn Crib and Bassinet System from Oeuf

Oh boy! We’ve been waiting on the Fawn Crib and Bassinet System since we saw is at ABC Kids Expo last year! Now we know it is shipping in mid-May and retails for $1100.

There aren’t many nursery furniture options right now that do this kind of conversion (I can only think of two others), so Oeuf’s Fawn is a welcome addition!

Fawn Bassinet from Oeuf Fawn Crib from Oeuf

The two color combinations are White with Birch and Grey with Birch. The system comes with a bassinet mattress so you’re ready to use it from day one. Crib mattresses are sold separately and you can also purchase a toddler bed conversion.

The Fawn Crib and Bassinet System is designed to go with the Fawn 3 Drawer Dresser ($950) or if you need more storage, the Fawn 6 Drawer Dresser ($1390). Pre-order today!

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