My Modern Nursery #123: Iggy Peck Architect Nursery Inspiration Sponsored by Lullaby Paints

Iggy Peck, Architect is the sweetest story about a boy with a creative passion and uncanny talent. Iggy’s second grade teacher does not appreciates his love of architecture, but Iggy is undeterred and proves how useful his love of building can be. As the parent of a little builder of my own, I applaud Iggy for his hard work and perseverance despite what anyone thinks.

You can inspire your own baby builder with this architecture inspired nursery. We’ve got bridges and skyscrapers, graph paper and measuring tools. I was also inspired by Iggy’s awesome patterned sweater and reflected that in the black and white textiles.

1- House Wall Storage from Ferm Living- $69
2- Spanish Moss ECOS Interior Eggshell Wall Paint– $54 a gallon
Architecture Printable Photos from Black White Colors
3- Young House Love Small Wire Globe Lantern– $89
4- Wooden Growth Chart
5- Elkeland Mobile from Ferm Living- $75
6- Alto Crib from Spot on Square- $1290
7- Jackson Rocking Chair from Monte Design- $1195
Buffalo Plaid Fringed Throw– $130
8- Black and White Graphic Knit Pillow from Ethan Allen- $69
Plush Toy Cat from Cleo and Poppy- $40
9- Skyscraper Playhouse Canopy– now on sale for $50 so shop quickly!
10- Janod 50 Maxi Blocks– $32
Grid Rug by Sylvain Willenz- $600

We have additional inspiration for your Iggy Peck, Architect nursery on our Pinterest page. There are many more decor options to help you customize this fun and friendly space. This was one space where I had to leave out lots of things that I really loved! Also be sure to pick up a copy of Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts. It’ll be a great addition to your child’s library and it’s now part of mine!

Thanks to Lullaby Paints for sponsoring our literary nursery board series. Safe for baby and the environment, Lullaby Paints are the perfect choice for your modern nursery. For more nursery color inspiration, follow Lullaby Paints on Pinterest. I love working with them on these nursery boards and coming up with modern nursery inspiration using their baby-safe colors.

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