Pretty Pastel Nursery From Little Crown Interiors

As I’m working on a pastel nursery this month (which you’ll see next week), I was excited to see the newest project from Naomi of Little Crown Interiors.

This room is pretty perfect in every way. You can go to the original post on the Little Crown Interiors site to read more about the inspiration and the products used in the space.


The Oeuf crib and dresser in neutral work perfectly with almost any color scheme, but I think that the light wood is particularly beautiful with breezy pastels.


I love how this room is a mix of personal, collected objects as well as stylish modern purchases. It’s a comfortable, realistic way to decorate a home and feels warmer than a collection of items all put into a shopping cart at one time.


Naomi reused the clients glider and side table (an economical as well as eco-friendly choice!) and the corner is full of sentimental pieces.


Thanks for sharing your incredible work with us Naomi! This MIGHT be my favorite Little Crown Interiors project yet.


Photography by Full Spectrum Photography


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