ezpz Happy Mat and More

Since ezpz burst on the scene (less than 2 years ago! starting just before their kickstarter campaign), their simple, stylish and totally useful Happy Mat has been blowing up worldwide! It’s high time we talk about why you want one and how ezpz has expanded their product line.

There’s nothing better to introduce you to the ezpz Happy Mat than their intro video.

So a one piece placemat/dish that’s 100% silicone, dishwasher safe, BPA, PVC and pthalate free and it sticks to your table… I think there’s not much more that needs to be said to convince you that you need at least a couple.

The Happy Mat is available in 4 colors and retails for $25.

ezpz Happy Mat

But then sometimes you don’t want to serve a whole divided plate of food and one single bowl will do the trick. Then you also want a Happy Bowl ($20).

ezpz Happy Bowl

But some ezpz fans had the problem that their mats were too large to fit on the tray of their favorite high chair so ezpz introduced the Mini Mat ($20).

ezpz Mini Mat

And if those aren’t enough, there’s also the play mat and the snack mat ($22.50).

ezpz play matezpz Snack Mat

I’m thrilled about the success of ezpz and encourage you to give one of their mats a try!

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