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Oeuf recently launched its range of home accessories featuring wool rugs, hand-loomed pillows, and many new colorful, soft alpaca-stuffed objects.

Oeuf Decor VW Bus in Bay Blue, Rainbow Shaped Pillow in Teal/Multi, Brownstone Pillow in Hazelnut/Multi, Haussmann  Building Pillow in Beige/Multi, Broccoli  Pillow in Green/Multi, VW Bug in Rose,  Apple Pillow in Multi Stripe, Mouth  Shaped Pillow Gold Tooth in Red/Multi, Rat in Light Grey/Multi, Love Pillowcover in Light Pink, Rainbow Pillowcover in  Light Grey, Cat Shaped Pillow in  Night/Multi, Hot Dog (L) in Multi, Daisy  Pillow in Yellow/Multi, Anemone Pillow  in Red/Multi, Rainbow Pillowcover in  Burgundy, Banana Pillow in Yellow/Multi,  Soccerball in Indigo/Multi, & Flag Garland in Rose/Multi

Our favorite Oeuf “goodies” like the hot dog and the VW bus have been rolled into the Oeuf decor collection and they’ve been joined by many new pieces. My boys are shopping for their favorites as I type this.

Here are some of our favorite looks, but be sure to shop the site to find your perfect picks.


Heart Pillow, Rainbow Shaped Pillow, Black Cat Shaped Pillow, Champagne Pillow and Hot Dog

Oeuf pillows and rug peace sign

Rainbow Pillowcover, Peace Sign Pillowcover, Peace Sign Rug

Oeuf Love Blanket in White & Crown in Multi

Peace Sign Rug, Soccer Ball, Hot Sauce and Daisy Pillow

Oeuf Hot Sauce Pillow, Soccerball in Indigo,  Daisy Pillow in Yellow/Multi, Peace  Sign Rug in Lt. Grey, Crown Hat  in Rope, & Jumper in Cat

Love Blanket

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