Lego Duplo

Today I want to talk a little bit about Lego Duplo, aka: the best reason to have a toddler. I love Lego’s Duplo line of bricks. Especially perfect for ages 2-5, these are by far my #1 my favorite toy. There are an infinite number of ways to play with Duplo– pretend play with the sets, stacking and attaching bricks, sorting the pieces etc… And they’re large enough to be safe and easy to pick up.

If I were you, I’d be buying these great new Lego Duplo sets today…

Around the World: This set has a little of everything. It includes 5 figures, all kinds of animals, a boat, a plane, clear bricks and even a camera.

Around the World Lego Duplo
Jungle: This set has an adult and baby elephant, an alligator, a propeller plane and a campfire.

Lego Duplo Jungle

Miles’ Stellosphere Hangar 10826 is unlike any other Duplo set. Disney Junior fans will love it with bricks in many shades of blue, a spaceship and even an ostrich.

Miles' Sellosphere Hangar Lego Duplo

We had a set similar to this Tow Truck 10814. All of the vehicle pieces are fun with the tools, engine, truck and little car. There’s a lot of play value in this set for just $20.

Lego Tow Truck

Tip for buying Lego: Always buy the most expensive set you can afford. One $100 set is much better than five $20 sets. This is still a lesson I’m working on with my boys who still need practice saving up their allowance!

You can never have too much Lego and these toys will last for generations. One of the saddest parts of my children growing up so far has been when they both finally outgrew Duplo and moved up to regular Lego bricks. We passed our bins of bricks to cousins, but I hope that someday they’ll come back around for our grandchildren. I’m serious!

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