My Modern Nursery #105: Where the Wild Things Are Sponsored by Lullaby Paints

Lullaby Paints did an awesome nursery board inspired by the childhood classic book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. Their inspiration became a Pinterest sensation, so when it was time to do November’s nursery board, they challenged me to see what my “Where the Wild Things Are Nursery Inspiration” would look like. I think we went just far enough into the theme to make is recognizable, without taking it overboard, and the result is a really great modern nursery!

We used Moonstone as the base color for the space. It’s a beautiful warm gray that goes wonderfully with green and has a glow of moonlight and twilight about it which feels like the darkening evening in Max’s room.

My Modern Nursery 105 Where the Wild Things Are

I do want to mention that the Max doll is not currently available, but if you copy this design, send photos and I will send you ours!

Also, there’s so much artwork on etsy and beyond that is based on the book, but so much of it is very similar so it’s hard to tell which is an original design and which is a copy. I avoided all these prints in this final design, but if you want to choose your favorite, many of them are on our Wild Things Moonstone Nursery Inspiration Pin Board.

1- Syssan Curtains from Ikea- $60/pair
2- Birdie Accent Lamp from Stray Dog Designs- $415
Bayside 7-Drawer Terrace Dresser (Whitewash)– $800
3- Moonstone Wall Paint from Lullaby Nursery- $59 a gallon
4-Wild Thing Nursery Printable from MiniLearners- $6
Kids Rule Nursery Printable from MiniLearners- $6
5- Nursery Works Tree Bookcase- Green– $900
Custom sized Max, King’s or Queen’s Crown from starvisions- $20
6- Luxe Moon Mobile in Leather and Linen from Baby Jives- $68
7- Kids Tent from Ferm Living- $200
8- Keepsake Baby Crib with Storage (Whitewash)– $960
9- Natural Rocking Boat from Kattuska- 235 € (special order to US, but I had to include it!)
10- Metro Yellow & Gold Solid Area Rug from Jaipur- 8′ x 11′- $745

How’d we do?

Thanks to Lullaby Paints for sponsoring our nursery board series. Safe for baby and the environment, Lullaby Paints are the perfect choice for your modern nursery. For more nursery color inspiration, follow Lullaby Paints on Pinterest. It’s so much fun to work on these nursery boards with Lullaby Paints and come up with great modern nurseries using their baby-safe colors.

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