Oribel PortaPlay Convertible Activity Center

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted about an activity center, not because we forget to look for them, but because there aren’t too many worthy of mention. Today I’m happy to show you the Portaplay Convertible Activity Center from Oribel. You might as well put this one up on your registry right now. Go ahead… I’ll wait…

Oribel Portaplay Convertible Activity Center

The activity center starts out as a great entertaining area for infants 5 to 12 months. Face it, sometimes you just need a safe place to put the little one down for a few minutes. But after 12 months, the Portaplay converts into a Play Table that will grow with your child through their toddler years.

Girl at Oribel Activity Table

I love how the legs fold up for storage, the gender neutral colors and extended life of this affordable activity center. At $150 this makes a great gift.

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