Bestnest: Beautiful Cosleeping Option to Buy or Rent

I know everyone is clamoring for a co-sleeping option that will look beautiful in their bedroom, and since we’re out of luck with the Culla Belly co-sleeper, I’m going to recommend the Bednest. Read the information on their website to see all the reasons why the Bestnest is amazing, like the SafeBridge side panel, adjustable height, safety assurances and ease of setup. But you just need to get a look at it to know that you want one.


The price is high at $500, especially since this is something you’re only going to use for about 6 months, but they’ve already thought of that. You can RENT the Bednest for 6 months for $200! Genius.

bednest 2

bednest all combinations

There’s also a special right now with the code USrental for up to 7 months with the Bednest, a new mattress, two white fitted sheets and free shipping and returns for $179.

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