Kickstarter Project: Tinyme Name Blocks

Name blocks are a sweet personalized gift and the Tinyme Name Blocks are a new stylish puzzle version.

Right now you can order your 4 to 9 block puzzle at the Super Early Bird rate (25% off RPD).  The 4 block puzzle with felt cover is $24 AUD (approximately $28 US including shipping to the states).  The price will go up once the first 200 units are sold so hurry!


There’s something really special about seeing and hearing your own name.  As an Esther, I didn’t have many personalized products readily available.  I never had a novelty license plate for my bike or a souvenir mug, so I know how precious these things can be.


I really like the color combination in the Esther puzzle, but you can choose the fonts, colors, pattern and design options to really make the puzzle custom for you.  Each custom piece comes with the felt pouch and two slide in cards to practice color and letter matching.

You can support this kickstarter today and ensure you can be among the first to get your Tinyme name puzzle!

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