Flatout Frankie

If you saw my toy post from the ABC Kids Expo, you already got a sneak preview, but I want you to get a closer look at the lovely range of cardboard toys from Flatout Frankie.

These are the kinds of toys that make a big splash when they’re given as gifts, they look beautiful while you’re playing with them, but when you’re done, they can be folded up and recycled without trouble or guilt.

Here is the complete line:

Little Aeroplane– $44

Flatout Frankie Little Aeroplane

Little Racer– $44

Flatout Frankie Little Racer

Little Kitchen– $36

Flatout Frankie Little Kitchen

Princess Castle– $28

Flatout Frankie Princess Castle

Little Roar Head– $26

Flatout Frankie Little Roar Head

Little Unicorn Head– $26

Flatout Frankie Little Unicorn Head

Order your favorites now for holiday gift giving!

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