Coming Soon: New From 3 Sprouts at ABC Kids Expo 2013

It’s always fun to see the 3 Sprouts collection in person, and play the “which animal is new?” game.

You can never have too many storage bins ($30) and my most recent favorite is the dinosaur.

3 Sprouts Bins

I was excited to find new toy boxes in the mix.  These are some of the largest containers offered at 3 Sprouts and are a great new addition to the collection.  I particularly love the whale.

3 Sprouts Toy Boxes

The newest laundry hamper is the Swan and it’s already available online. ($25)

3 Sprouts laundry bins

The stroller organizers have been a hit, and being from Florida, I hope to see the alligator out asap!



Thanks for the colorful visit 3 Sprouts!

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