Best Modern Nightlights 2013: Sponsored by Babylist

Little and often overlooked, nightlights are invaluable in the nursery.  They’re not just comforting to babies and children, but they shine just enough of a light in the room to make it easier to check on sleeping kids without disturbing them.  With boys who are 7 and 4, I still have a variety of nightlights in each child’s room– including three on this list!

These top 10 modern nightlights are listed in no particular order as part of our baby registry series sponsored by Babylist.  Pick your favorites and don’t forget to add them to your baby registry.

1- OXO Candela Zoom– $23
LED light glows when removed from its charging base.  I wanted this cute rocket lamp for the longest time but never did get one.

2- Cloub b Twilight Plush Turtle– $28 on amazon (list price $42)
This plush, battery powered nightlight is our last line of defense for the little one.  On nights when nothing else will do, we turn on his beloved Twilight Turtle (also comes as a ladybug) and let it project a night sky on the ceiling and walls.  He can pick a yellow, green or blue color light.  I’d love one in my room as well!

3- OK to Walk! Children’s Alarm Clock and Nightlight– $30
This cute nightlight glows yellow and night and can be programmed to glow “green for go” to teach children what time its okay for them to wake up.  I might want to try the additional alarm clock function for my oldest now as well since he’s going to have to start waking himself up to get ready for school this year.

4- Kinderglo Rechargable night lights– $25
Available in a variety of cute designs, the Kinderglo night lights are soft, safe and easy for kids to carry around with them.  They glow red, green or blue and will either dim and shut off after 30 minutes or stay on continuously.

5- Boon Glo Nightlight– $58
The multicolored Boon Glo features removable balls that glow wherever you carry them (like into bed!) and fade after about 30 minutes.

6- Gummy Bear Nightlight– $29
These adorable, battery-powered nightlights are available in a rainbow or gummy colors.  LED light turns on with a squeeze and stays on for an hour or indefinitely.

7- Star Egg Nightlight– $165
This handcrafted ceramic nightlight is available in a variety of colors and features tiny pinprick holes that allow light to shine through and create a star effect on the nursery walls and ceiling.

8- Giimmo Magic Lights– $35
Tap to turn on or off.  The Giimmo Magic Lights are available in a variety of cute designs.  Magic Lights feature a built in LED and poseable limbs.

9- Beaba Pixie Night Light and Lantern– $22 on amazon ($56 list price)
This is the nightlight my 7 year old keeps on his nightstand.  He can tap it on during the night, or carry it with him as a lantern to the bathroom.  The rechargable LED nightlight sits on a base to charge and can be used when removed from the base.

10- aden + anais Serenity Star– $90
A sweet star shaped nightlight is just the beginning of the description of the Serenity Star.  This simple little device is also a feeding tracker, sound machine, room thermometer, and clock.  Use all the features or only the ones that are useful to you.

Add your favorite night light to your baby registry with BabyList.  BabyList lets you ask for exactly what you want from the retailers of your choice – including your favorite local or independent shops (like Etsy).

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