New Mobiles from Baby Jives Co

Baby Jives has designed some amazing new mobiles / fabric sculptures for you this summer…

My favorite is this Narwhal Mobile.  I’ve had a affinity for narwhals since the second grade when I did a special research project about them.  I remember spending a lot of time drawing narwhals and reading about them, so this mobile is particularly magical to me. $140

I think the Follow Your Own Star Boat Mobile is going to be a big hit as well.  You can imagine your little ones sailing away to dream land while gazing at this little beauty.  $140

The ever popular cloud mobiles have two extra modern iterations, the Gold Dot Rain Cloud Mobile ($50) and…

Pink Gold Star Cloud Mobile ($50).

You can’t go wrong with any of the cloud mobiles.

Right now the new mobiles are only in the Baby Jives Co etsy shop, but you can peruse the rest of the collection on

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