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Having gone through our baby years in the days before Bugaboo even came out with their cup holder (I seriously was waiting for that!!), stroller organizers are a foreign idea to me.  I know there have been stroller organizers and hooks and bags and pouches available all along, but it all just seemed to add to the clutter of crap that many parents seem to carry around with them.  I travelled with my stroller and the smallest diaper bag that made sense, and this minimal, low key approach worked for me 99% of the time– which is good enough in my book.

A new crop of stroller organizers has come out recently and while these could be additional clutter culprits, in the hands of clever modern parents, they might help you haul around less junk than you otherwise might.  In the interest of simplifying stroller outings, if you can use a stroller organizer and the basket of your stroller to store all the items you need INSTEAD of carrying around a diaper bag, I’m all for it!  If this sounds appealing, here are a few stroller organizers for you to consider.

First, the Bugaboo Organizer is the perfect stroller companion to go with your Bugaboo.  As a Bugaboo mom, I can see myself having used and loved having one of these. $30

I spied Skip Hop’s Grab & Go Stroller Organizer at ABC Kids last year and was impressed.  It is sleek and simple and just the right size to have a few necessities at your fingertips. $20

Finally, while cutesy characters are not my typical modus operandi, these new stroller organizers from 3 Sprouts might be the perfect accessory to jazz up your stroller situation. $25

The rhino is pictured but there’s also a pink and tan elephant as well as a teal raccoon.

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