For the Trekkies: Your Star Trek Baby

Since the Star Trek Pillows were so popular and the new movie is in theaters, I’ve rounded up ten more items to satisfy the Star Trek fans and future Star Trek fans out there.

1- Star Trek Plush– these are awesome but you have to search ebay to get them
2- Star Trek Retro Poster from Harshness- $19
3- Wood Teether Vulcan Salute Wooden Toy from Little Sapling Toys- $12
4- USS Enterprise NCC 1701 Vinyl Wall Decal from lapoonstudio- $35
5- Star Trek Interactive Tribbles– $15-$20
6- Star Trek Communicator 2 Throw Pillow and Cover– $27-$35 depending on size
7- Star Trek Mr. Potato Head Set– $27
8- Star Trek Alphabet Print– $18-$45 depending on size
9- Star Trek PDF Cross Stitch Pattern Download from Pixel People- $6
10- USS Starship Enterprise Ceiling Mobile– from Ray’s Scraps- $30

Some affiliate links included.
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