9 May 2013, 4:05pm
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Top 10 Modern Toy Boxes

It’s been a while since I updated my list of modern toy boxes and there have been a lot of changes to the list.  Here is my current top 10…

1- Toy/Chaise from Iglooplay- $950
2- Owyn Toy Box from Mod Mom Furniture- $425
3- Pkolino Storage Toy Chest with Chalkboard Lid– $90
4- Japchae” Toy Box from Cheme Designs- $175
5- Changing Trunk from Kalon Studios- $520
6- Modern Solid Wood and Metal Toy Box from Fabitecture- $850
7- Argington Fuji Toy Box– $350
8- Gracie Toy Box from Mod Mom Furniture- $475
9- APA Storage Box from Ikea- $15
10- Muir Reclaimed Toy Box from Amenity Home- $577

Some affiliate links included.

Before choosing one, make sure you are clear about the dimensions.  You don’t want to order one and have it be much larger or smaller than you expected.  #3 and #9 for example, are really small.

Do you NEED a toy box?  Probably not, as bins, baskets and even closets can do the storage job for you, but there’s something so perfectly old-fashioned about a sturdy wooden chest for storing a child’s playthings.  Imagine if our kids actually only had enough toys to fill it up!

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Thanks for including my toy box. Your collection is great. It has generated some traffic on my site. Thank you!!!

I am going to re post your page on my blog to.

Thanks again.

Matthew Mabee


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