Real Room Tour: Perfectly Pink from Sissy + Marley

This being April Fool’s Day, I’m going to skip any posts about new products or collaborations for fear you won’t believe me!  But, there’s nothing fake about Victoria’s incredible modern pink nursery by Sissy + Marley.  Another perfect 10, Sissy + Marley show us how it’s done yet again.

Starting with a base of amazing nursery furniture from ducduc and Monte, this nursery does one of the best takes on pink that I’ve ever had the pleasure to see.

From wallpaper to the lighting to the stuffed animals and dolls around the room, it’s just enough without being too much.  Little splashes of neon pink make it fresh and current and add a little sizzle to a pink space that otherwise might be too sweet.

The shiny storage bins in the ubiquitous Expedit are ultra cool…

… and the tiny pink ghost chair is to die for (not a phrase I use lightly or throw around!).

A Monte glider is always a perfect pick in any modern nursery and this Grano Glider sits crisp and clean in white leather.

The mirror adds a feminine shape over the straight lines of the dresser.

The bright little details around the room are what really make it perfectly exciting to me.  Neon may be a fad right now, but a nursery (which will only be used for a couple years as such) is the perfect place to incorporate a fad you love.

Thanks to Chelsea for sending the photos over.  It’s always a great pleasure to see and share your work!

Photography by Marco Ricca

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