Culla Belly Co-Sleeper at Elm Baby

The Culla Belly Co-Sleeper has been a popular search on BuyModernBaby ever since I first posted about it in 2011.  The transition from design to final product has been a challenge, and I had already given up on ever seeing these available until our newest advertiser, Elm Baby, contacted me and let me know that they now carry the Culla Belly Co-Sleeper in their online boutique.  They have a personal relationship with the designers and distribute it directly from them.

Designed by Andrea Garuti and Manuela Busetti, one side of the bassinet unzips to open up onto the parents’ bed.  The wooden base is secured under the mattress of the bed.  The final design doesn’t have all the style of the initial concept, but this is frequently what happens in the transition from idea to reality.

The co-sleeper is available in seven colors: red, blue, green, orange, light blue, cream, and pink.

The Culla Belly retails for $600 and the stand is an additional $290.

I haven’t seen these in person, so I can’t tell you too much about them, but if you’ve been desperate for a more modern co-sleeper, this is what you’ve been waiting for.  If you’ve gotten a look at a Culla Belly Co-Sleeper or if you own one, please comment and let us know your thoughts!

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I bought one of these Culla Belly Co-Sleepers from ( and they are amazing!!!!! I love!! I can never imagine life without it now. Plus the Customer Service at was wonderful and comforting

I would love this! But my baby is extraordinarily tall!!! What is the infant height max for this??? Ive searched and searched and can not find the information!

[...] Culla Belly Co-Sleeper at Elm Baby 2 May 2011, 1:42pm by Belly [...]

Can this be zipped with a baby sleeping in it. Right now I climb in and out of the crib to nurse my kiddo to sleep. Can you have it open, nurse to sleep, leave the baby there and zip it up without waking?

12 Oct 2013, 7:56am
by Spentzopoulou artemis

I want information how to order one culla belly for my baby! Blu one! How cost and how many days need to come in greece.. Thank you very mach

How much does it cost and what is the weight and length it can hold? Thank you!

Are these available anywhere?

Sadly, no.

19 May 2015, 7:52pm
by estherj

Are these really unavailable? WHY!?!?! The perfect item and Ive searched EVERYWHERE ;(


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