Buy & DIY: Embroidery Kits from Penguin & Fish

I usually choose to just buy something rather than do a DIY (hence BUY modern baby), but this is a great compromise between the two.  If you want to make something by hand for your child’s room, you’ll have everything you’ll need with these adorable embroidery kits from Penguin & Fish.  With a little time and a little love, you can complete and display an 8″ embroidery hoop that you’ve made yourself.  You can also buy one to make as a gift or even just get a kit as a gift for your crafty friends or family members.

I’ve kinda been wanting to try my hand at embroidery (you know, in my free time- ha!), and this type of kit is just what I’ve been looking for.  Designs include a lion, owl, monkey, fox, elephant, hedgehog, alligator, giraffe, jellyfish and zebra, and they are $18 each.

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