Big City Moms: The Biggest Baby Shower Ever Miami

Sometimes it’s hard to be a a kids design blogger based in Florida.  As in so many other industries and professions, most of the action is in New York or California.  That’s where you can find a majority of the top bloggers, best shops, and even the product and furniture designers themselves.  I miss lots of Expos, Fairs, product launches, industry events, blogging conferences etc.. because I have to stay home and be a mom to my kids.  So when one of these events comes to my neck of the woods and childcare isn’t an issue, you can bet I’m going to be there!

Big City Moms comes to Miami each year (and New York and LA etc…) to host the Biggest Baby Shower, where expectant moms come to mix and mingle with baby gear company reps, local shops, vendors, attend seminars and of course go home with amazing gift bags full of products to help welcome a new baby into their lives.

The Biggest Baby Shower is a great evening for local moms to learn about products directly from the companies and get connected with local businesses that might be wonderful resources for them as they become parents.  I attended this year’s Biggest Baby Shower Ever Miami last night at Jungle Island and wanted to share a little of the event with you.

This shows just a sampling of the baby gear items on hand to test and learn about.

One of my favorite parts of the evening was the seminars.  They were not just a great way to get off your feet for about half an hour, but the expert panelists share a lot of great information.  There WERE people taking notes.

And of course there was food.  Enough to make a dinner of, or just indulge in all the treats.  The mocktails were yummy (though I could have used an actual cocktail after braving Miami traffic to get there!), and I’m not going to turn down fresh hot donuts- no, never.

It would have been worth the drive to The Biggest Baby Shower if only just to see these lovely folks, Jamie Grayson (aka TheBabyGuyNYC) and Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio (the super moms who started Project Nursery).

If you are lucky enough to be expecting and you live in a city with one of the Big City Moms events, I highly recommend you get to it.  Buy the couple’s pass and make it a date night, or take your mom, sister or BFF and get excited for all the fun to come.

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