Cool Kids Company Imports

Thanks to Cool Kids Company, some more exclusive European brands are now more easily accessible here in the US.  I’ve talked about ninetonine before, but this Spanish furniture company is coming to us via Cool Kids Company now.  They’ll be selling the Deskhouse, Mouse Table and Drum Stools.

Cool Kids Company is also bringing Kast van een Huis to our shores.  These storage houses are both inspired by and made in Holland. Warning: these are NOT cheap.  At $2200 a piece, you may have to save up awhile before these storage cabinets line your canals.

Last but not least (since I have a rocking horse obsession), is the Rocking Zebra from Newmakers in the UK.  This is a beautiful, bold and graphic version of a traditional rocking horse. $300

Any of these items under the tree would surely inspire a very Merry Christmas!  I hope we see many more gorgeous imports coming our way in 2013.

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