Faux Taxidermy: Moose Heads

Like this kitschy trend or hate it, faux taxidermy is all over the place.  Many of you loved the moose head in Isla’s Sanctuary, but for $250, this white lacquer fake moose sculpture isn’t for everyone.

Here are a few other options that might entice you to jump on the bandwagon and consider faux animal trophies as wall decor.

1- Upcycled Sweater Moose Head– $50
2- Bright Yellow MOOSE HEAD Wall Hook from Aqua Xpressions- $15
3- The Tiffany – Turquoise Resin Moose Head from White Faux Taxidermy (many other colors!)- $130
4- Animal Friendly Cardboard Moose Bust– $25
5- Moose head 1/12 scale from moonfaced- $28
6- Moose Head– Friendly Faux Taxidermy from Cart Before the Horse- $150

For me, the less real looking the better so I like the brightly colored options, but #6 is so friendly looking, don’t you think?

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