Flexi Bath Infant Support

I’ve loved the Flexi Bath since I first spotted it.  With its space-saving folding design and fun colors, it has been a favorite baby gear item of mine for years.  I love its size and how you can bathe a good sized toddler in it without having to fill up your full sized tub (or even HAVE a tub in the house). There was just one problem with it.  It was really for babies that could already sit up, so you’d have to have an infant tub in addition to a Flexi Bath.  Well, not anymore!  Prince Lionheart is now offering an infant support piece that snaps right into your Flexi Bath.

This ingenious swoosh of molded plastic fits over the edge of the tub and snaps into place.   With this simple $17 addition to your Flexi Bath, the tub can last your child from birth until (depending on their size) they are about four!

If you love the Flexi Bath, like I know so many of you do, I highly recommend adding the Infant Support.  This week you can get one from Fab.com and they’ll be released more widely very soon.  You can also win a Flexi Bath with the Infant Support as part of our Begin With the Best: Ultimate Baby Registry Sweepstakes.  Don’t forget to enter to win loads of great prizes worth over $430!

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