Kauzbots: Plush Robots With a Heart

If only I had known about Kauzbots back in December when we did my son’s robot birthday party.   Kauzebots are cuddly and cute plush robots that represent various causes and are designed to inspire action.

10% of the retail price of each robot is donated to the particular robot’s kauze (cause).  For example, the green one has a heart for the environment and 10% of his price goes to the Arbor Day Foundation.  The yellow robot has a heart for comforting those with autism and 10% of his price goes to Talk About Curing Autism.

Kauzebots make a great gift for someone who has a cause that is close to their heart.  Other “Kauzes” include homeless children, breast cancer, music therapy programs, oral healthcare, refugees, pediatric cancer, hunger and poverty, and clean water.  Kauzbots retail for $25.

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