Getting Creative with Camels

There’s something so special and unique about the artwork over Frances’ crib, which was featured on Apartment Therapy several years ago.  It’s getting some fresh attention thanks to Pinterest, and if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a look.  The purple camel jumped out at me right away and makes this space, which is full of modern nursery classics, a complete original.

I also found this glorious photo on Pinterest.  Carmel the camel has a special place in the sun on One Claire Day.

These camels look so fun and represent exotic adventure and travel.  If you’re looking to add a little of that into your own nursery, I came up with a few suggestions…

1- Bazaar Camel Pillow from Thomas Paul- $120
2- Camel Bank from Kooroo- $34
3- Camel Pillow from Rikshaw Design- $80 ($60 on sale)
4- Camels from Stola Design- $20
5- Camel Artwork from Coral & Tusk- $74 (framed)
6- Camel Bookends from Knob Creek Metal Arts- $45
7- Camel Eco Square Pouf from Zid Zid Kids- $78
8- Hucky Dangling Camel from Steiff- $85

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