ABCs and 123s from Tambino: Fun Furnishings for the Little Ones

I’m delinquent blogging about Tambino, but a couple of their newest products ensured that I could no longer keep this brand to myself.

As soon as I spotted their amazing new Typographic Easel, I had to let you take a look.  The easel is shown here with the Typographic “H” Chair and the Typographic “K” chair.  Oh, the letter A as an easel.  How perfect.

Then there’s this brand new little beauty.  The Pickup (Your Toys) Truck is part toy chest and part kid’s desk.  Fun and function all in one.  Make room in your playrooms.  I adore it!

These number tables are unlike any others.  They’re the ones I’ve been long overdue showing you.  Pick an oversized 2, 3, 5 or 6 table.  There’s also an 8 Activity Table (not shown).  They all have numbers for legs as well.  How cool would it be if your preschool used tables like these?!

You can also enjoy the numbers in a smaller stepstool form.  The 2 and 4 Stepstools are available in a variety of colors.

Tambino has also been getting some attention for their use of the number 5 as a Toddler Table Stand!

At this point, can you imagine how excited Count Von Count is getting?

And if you want to go really batty with Tambino, check out their modular cushion sets like this starfish.

I’ve shown you MUCH of what Tambino offers, but to see it all, I invite you to visit their site and take a look at the rest. If you’re ready to buy, feel free to use my affiliate link and visit their Amazon Shop.

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