Joining the Family: Welcome Our New Sponsor 41 Orchard

Today I’m happy to introduce you to a wonderful new sponsor of our work here at  It’s a thrill for me to see the pretty little ads running along the side of the page with the opportunity to explore all their great products just a click away.

I have only recently been introduced to 41 orchard and am really impressed with their line of beautifully designed modern wall stickers (aka decals).  Coming to us from Australia, the fabric decals from 41 orchard have a style all their own.  The Australian dollar converts to about $1.04 here in the US and $1.05 in Canada, so the prices you see aren’t too far off and I consider their shipping to be quite reasonable (Australia wide: $6.00, North America & Canada: $10.50, New Zealand: $9.00, UK & Europe: $11.00, Asia Pacific: $9.00).  Find them on Facebook.

Please be sure to visit and support our sponsors.  We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without them.

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