Rich or Reasonable: Rocking Sheep

For some reason, I’m a sucker when it comes to rocking toys, so cozy, fuzzy rocking sheep really get my attention.

On the left we have the Rocking Sheep designed by Povl Kjer that was available from Crafts Collection.  I can’t find any place where you can actually order this “rockin'” design, but according to the The Perfect Baby Handbook, it would have set you back $575.  I saw these in reports from ICFF years ago, but for $575, you can imagine why they weren’t more popular.

Inspired by Povl Kjer, Max Tyrie of Bright Spark Design on etsy came up with his own interpretation of the Rocking Sheep.  It might be a little less rock-n-roll, but this handmade in the USA sheep still rocks!  Each one is made to order out of Baltic birch plywood, some reclaimed scrap wood and real sheepskin.

For more of my favorite rocking toys, see my list in our modern toy guide.

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