We Makedo Robots, But You Can Makedo Anything

I’ve mentioned makedo just as part of our birthday gift giving guide, but what you don’t realize is that this has become a huge deal at our house.  Makedo sent us one of their Find & Make Robot kits because I really wanted to try it out and I thought my kids would love it.  After sifting through our recycling bin, this is what the boys and I put together…

Well, after that we were hooked.  When, a few days later, my little one asked for a robot themed birthday party, I ordered another set of Makedo (a FreePlay Kit for One) and knew just what to do!

These are just a few of the robots that greeted our guests!  Yes, we got a little fancy with paint and a little glue gun work, but the basic structure of the robots was all Makedo pieces and it made this a really easy project!

By now you might be wondering what the heck Makedo is…

The Makedo set are collections of the ingenious reusable pieces that connect materials together.  You can easily affix cardboard pieces together to create whatever structure you envision and with some creativity, use recycled materials to have endless hours of fun!

Video explains it best…

Makedo kits are now the go-to gift for everyone in my son’s Kindergarten class. Sorry if I spoiled the surprise!

I was not compensated for this post, but Makedo did sent me the Robot Kit.  My opinions are entirely my own.

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The idea that makedo has implemented is really unique and interesting.Specially for kids,putting together all the pieces would be genuinely fun.

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