Happy Holiday Giveaway 2011: Bath Bundle from Skip Hop

In this last week of our Happy Holidays Giveaway series, we’ve got three wonderful giveaways for you.  To kick it off, I’m thrilled to share this bundle of bath time goodies from Skip Hop.  This year Skip Hop has introduced a number of new bath toys and accessories to their already fantastic bath collection including these four fabulous items…

The Starfish Stay-Put Stacker is the cutest bath stacking toy ever.  The stacker can be attached to the floor of the tub using a suction cup attached to a post or it can float freely in the bath.  The starfish rings can also cling to the wall of the tub. $15


The Octopus Ring Toss is another new bath toy that’s destined to become a classic.  There are two ways to play.  First, pour water into the octopus head and water sprinkles out of his arms.  Second, throw the rings and see if the octopus to catches them! $13


The Turtle Island Playset is a foam cube that is home to 3 squirty turtles.  You can unfold the cube into a floating mat where the turtles can play! They can dive through the cutouts as well.  $15  So many great new toys, right?!


Finally, to round out your bath time experience, every tub (or shower!) needs the Soapster Foaming Soap Dispenser. $24

I really wanted one of these after I saw it at ABC Kids, so the folks from Skip Hop were kind enough to send one for my boys.  It’s been a hit all around.  I was a little worried that our fancy all-natural baby soap wouldn’t work in it or that a lot of the product would get wasted, but I was pleased with our results.  The Soapster attached firmly to the wall using the 4 attached suction cups.  There is an alternate screw method for attaching it if the cups don’t work with your wall.  We filled the dispenser according to the instructions.  It’s super easy– just fill the soap to the line about halfway into the window.  This took a full bottle of our soap.  Then fill the rest with water.  Stir using the bubble wand under the penguin’s head and it’s ready to use.  Foamy soap came out from the very first pump.  The kids get their own squirt of soap and wash themselves.  Without supervision I’m sure they’d keep taking more and more, but they’re learning and I’m always there.

I’m really excited about the great bath collection Skip Hop has put together.  They’re on a roll and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

For now, we’re giving away all four of the new Skip Hop bath products that I talked about!  To win the Skip Hop bath collection with a Starfish Stay-Put Stacker, an Octupus Ring Toss, a Turtle Island Playset and a Soapster (prize package worth $67):

Visit Skip Hop’s bath collection online and then leave a comment telling us either your favorite item or a product that you think they’re missing.

Be sure to enter your email address in the form when you comment so that I can contact you if you are the winner.

The deadline to leave your comments and enter the giveaway is next Tuesday, December 13th at 8 am EST.

The winner will be chosen randomly (using random.org) from among the unique entrants.  The giveaway is open to readers in the US only and who are over the age of 18.  Show your appreciation to our giveaway sponsor by liking them on Facebook, and following them on twitter.  Good luck and tell your friends!  *full rules

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140 thoughts on “Happy Holiday Giveaway 2011: Bath Bundle from Skip Hop

  1. The “STARFISH STAY PUT STACKER” is definitely cute – the octopus ring toss is a great idea too, with a very modern twist!

    kolobstar at gmail dot com

  2. My favorite item is the Soapster Foaming Soap Dispenser. This would be so great because you usually have only one hand free while bathing baby!

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