Boon Glo Giveaway Winner!

I think there were some of you out there who hadn’t ever visited and explored their line of beautifully designed and useful products.  I consider that a shocking state of affairs and I’m glad to have rectified the situation.

One of their most fun new items is the Glo nightlight and I’m excited to announce that the winner is….  Missy L. who also likes Boon’s Bug Pod.

Congratulations Missy!  Your kids will love this.  The Glo makes an amazing holiday gift.  Some other Boon items I think would make cute gifts for kids are:

Whale Pod, Odd Ducks, Animal Bag, and Bubbles

Thanks to Boon for sponsoring this fun giveaway.  Please follow them on twitter and visit their Facebook page.  You can be assured that I’ll let you know about any and all of Boon’s new product releases because they represent exactly what is all about.

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