Etsy Finds: Handmade Halloween Monsters 2011

We’ve all known this since our earliest Sesame Street watching days– monsters can be scary or they can be cute and cuddly.  Etsy sellers make them both ways.

First, these monster face prints from Joseph Harrold Gallery are cute for $15.  The original paintings are also available for $75.

There’s an entire collection of Monchi Monster Plush Toys from Cheek and Stitch (Teeto and Zandy Bunny shown)- $34 each.

These guys are a little on the scarier side, but stuck flat on your walls they’re pretty harmless.  Monsters Set of Four Wall Decals from Planet Wall Art- $35

And the Monster Mayhem Felt Baby Mobile from Red Marionette is just plain cuteness. $90

If the monsters are all too much for you…

No Monsters Allowed from John W Golden- $60


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