The Best Pirate Product Roundup Ever

I’ve got a couple of 2 and 3 year old pirate fans.  My younger son and his little girl friend play pirates together at our house almost every week.  They put on pirate hats and march around the house saying “arrrr.”  The bed is a pirate ship, a piece of cloth is a treasure map and they go on some wonderful adventures together.

In honor of their terrific times together and their love for playing pirates, I couldn’t resist putting together this pirate roundup.

It’s great Halloween inspiration and has a lot of holiday gift possibilities as well!

1- Pirate Stuf from Wry Baby- $12-$26

2- Pirate Love Art Poster from ReStyle Design Prints- $19

3- PlanToys Pirate Ship– $56

4- Merry Munchkins Pirate Boat Decals from pop & lolli- $187

5- Minnen Toy Box from Ikea- $15

6- Oeuf Plush Toy, Pirate Pillow– $68

7- Melissa & Doug Pirate Costume Role Play Set– $30

8- That’s Not My Pirate (Usborne Touchy Feely Book)– $9

9- Pirate Hooded Towel from Wry Baby- $34

10- Buccaneer Bed– $3,000

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