Welcome to the US, Babyhome!

Originating in Spain, as much of the most original design these days does, Babyhome is exploding onto the US market with a a well-rounded collection of simple, stylish and colorful baby gear.

In the photo above, you can see their SweetKit, which is a bouncer that transforms into a high chair.  Talk about multi-tasking!  Behind the SweetKits you can see Side, which is the most stylish bed rail (other than those that are designed as part of a bed) that I’ve ever seen.

My favorite Babyhome item is the Dream travel cot.  This reminds me of the baby clic I saw last year (also from Spain), but that one was never brought to the US.  This type of travel bed makes for a great mini crib or bassinet.

The Eat high chair is a super lightweight chair with an aluminum frame and removable, washable cover.  The chair also folds flat for storage.

The Onfour baby seat is unique because the wheels allow the chair to me moved easily without being lifted.  The Onfour is also super light and can fold flat.

Finally, Babyhome’s stroller is Emotion— an affordable, full featured, lightweight stroller.

All the products should be available January.  They all come in Orange, Red, Lime, Black, Sand, Purple, Navy and Brown, so you can have an entire rainbow of gear or get everything to match.

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