The so-ro cradle : Finally!

As you may or may not know, one of the “rules” for products that I post on my blog is that they must be available in North America.  There are so many awesome products across the globe that I’d love for you to see, but when you’re planning your nursery or looking for things to purchase, it’s not going to be very helpful for you to see what you CAN’T buy.  I want you to see it, love it, and whether you’re in New York, Tennessee, Wyoming or like me in South Florida, you can at least place an order and have it delivered.

When some of the products I haven’t been able to share with you are suddenly made available in the US, you can be sure I’m jumping up and trying to be the first one to tell you about it.  Thanks to my trip to the ABC Kids Expo, I’ve been thrilled to introduce you to Ubabub, and finally now to the so-ro cradle.

Winner of the Norwegian Design Counsil’s Award for Design Excellence, the so-ro cradle is not only a beautiful, sculptural piece, but it is specifically designed for forward rocking, which is the most comfortable and soothing motion for babies.

Designer Ane Lillian Tveit was at the ABC Kids Expo presenting the cradle herself.  She had some cute little onesies on display to highlight the benefits of her design.  The shirts read, “Give me soothing linear motion to calm me down when I am tired” and “Give my positive circular motion to develop my balance when I am rested and happy.”  As an Occupational Therapist who specialized in children’s therapy, Ane knows what she’s talking about.

The cradle comes in walnut and in white.

It is unique in that it is also available as a double for twins.  The twin cradle features a dividing wall that can be removed when not needed.

The so-ro cradle retails for $800 and $1200 for the twin version.

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