New From Boon at the ABC Kids Expo

I’ve been procrastinating with this post because there’s just so many exciting new products from Boon that I’ve got to share!

First and foremost, the Expo Center was buzzing about the Naked ($70).  Boon’s brand new baby bathtub, the Naked features a sleek collapsible design and is a great headlining addition to Boon’s bath collection.

Also new in the bath collection are the Whale Pods (love these!)…

…and a new color for the Bug Pod.

Most of the other bath toys will be available in other color combinations, and the Flo will also be available in the same magenta color as the new Bug Pod.

One brand new bath toy that looks really fun (meaning I want it) is Bubbles ($18).  They are collections of suction cup bath toys that stick to the tub and to each other.  Bubbles come in sets of 10.

One of my favorite products that I’ve just got to purchase ASAP are Boon’s new little snack boxes, Trunk and Cargo ($18).  My preschooler just doesn’t need the giant lunchboxes that we have, and these would be the perfect size.

I also love the new stacking snack containers: 2 high Penguin, 3 high Owl and 4 high Caterpillar.  They’re all so cute and come in three different color combinations each ($12-15).

Boon’s new feeding collection will also feature a new Catch Plate to go with the Catch Bowl, an updated Swap spoon and new Twig and Stem drying accessories ($6) to go with Grass and Lawn drying racks.  Yes, the walls of the booth were made of Lawn covered with Stems.

In boon’s organizing collection, the Turf front facing bookshelf ($50) is a nice new item…

and they are offering the Flaunt, Grip, and Curl in more colors.

The Loop diaper caddy ($50) will finally be coming out as well.  This is a really nicely designed product that I’ve been looking forward to since seeing the prototype last year.  Yay!

What new boon items are going on your wishlist?

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