Skip Hop’s Huge Showing at ABC Kids Expo 2011

Skip Hop launched more new items at the ABC Kids Expo this year than they ever have at one time before.  I’m just going to share my favorites with you or we’d be here all day.

One thing in particular had the entire show buzzing…

Don’t you just love the Jonathan Adler collaboration with Skip Hop?  This exciting collection includes four patterns: Wave Multi, Flame Yellow, Chevron Blue and Nixon.  All four will be available as Duo Essential Diaper Bags ($75) and Pronto Changing Stations ($34), and the Dash Messenger Bag ($80) will be available in Chevron Blue and Nixon.  The line should be in stores in December!

The other product that had everyone at the Expo talking was the Complete Sheet.  With the bumper controversy continuing to brew, Skip Hop developed the Complete Sheet to ensure you can have all the style of a bumper without any of the risk.  Genius.

The bumper free 4-piece bedding sets include the Complete Sheet, Nursery blanket, crib skirt and an Airflow wearable blanket for $120.  The sheets and blankets can also be purchased separately and the collection will be available in November.

My two favorite sets are Chocolate Lattice…

…and Mod Dot (which is already a popular bedding pattern from Skip Hop).

They look incredible, right?

Skip Hop has also made a name for itself as one of the major players in the modern baby bath accessories market.  I love all of the new products they are releasing in the coming months.

Your first must-have item is Soapster, the adorable foaming soap dispenser.  Coming soon, he’ll be retailing for $24.

There’s also a new Yellow Ducky Spout Cover, and some fun toys like the Starfish Stay-Put Stacker, Octopus Ring Toss Fountain and the Sort + Spin Fishbowl Sorter.

These will be coming out in the next couple months.

The last thing I want to mention is the ladybug items.  To satisfy the demand for another girly character, ladybug items have been added to Skip Hop’s mealtime and Zoo pack collections.

It’s always fun to visit with Skip Hop and as usual, I came away excited and impressed.

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